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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Happy Camper and Pink Saturday!

Sometimes you just have to please yourself! Presenting "The Happy Roses Camper"!! One of a kind and it's allllll mine for the trailer. :-)

Hubby said I could do anything I wanted to with the popup camper if I agreed with him to buy it. Of course, I would agree no matter what but I guess he thought that would just sweeten the deal for me. Hey, works for me if I can cover the cushions with shabby pink roses to make it look romantic. Pretty purple and pink plates and glasses. Romantic pillows on the real one and the curtains are being planned and will be done by next summer's camping excursion. I'll even have a plant or two and roses tablecloths. Candles??? Maybe. But this little camper birdhouse will hang in it also.