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Friday, April 20, 2012

Cottages and Eye Candy for Pink Saturday 4/21/2012

Welcome to Beverly's Pink Saturday. Visit her and the other participants to view all the pink.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I found a website that times blogs on how much time it takes for each blog or website to come up? If you haven't read that blog, go do so now. It was quite interesting.

However, I came across the mother of slow websites lately. It doesn't appear to be much of a blog as a site for advertisements. It's colorful, but I counted 31 ads on there. Anyway, the stopwatch timed this one at 7 min. and 58 seconds. Almost 8 minutes to have everything appear on the site. I thought that was rather a lot of time. No, I'm not giving out the name. I'm not in this to embarrass people, just fun to know.

In Great Britain they call these dwellings cottages. It might seem odd to us here in the U.S. where we call them apartments, being that there are several dwellings in one building; however, I think cottages are definitely appropriate for homes that look like this. They are adorable.

Yes, a pink hideaway in the woods.

Simply gorgeous roses plate which I so enjoy looking at.

This is a cottage for rent in Turkey.

Sweet way to store things.

This is so cute I can't imagine anyone not wanting to live here.

Darling tag

And yes, this is a rental cottage in Europe.

See what you can do with just old jelly or mayonnaise jars. I have many of these around my kitchen to hold screws, nails and hardware I might need.

I like this room but it was the curtains that caught my attention.

Snow White and her seven dwarfs perhaps?

Yummy vignette in a feminine room.

Glorious white scrolled mirrors.

Oh, yes, English cottage for sure. Looks like it's close in the city.

You deserve a crown when you're a queen. I have mine! Truly, I do have a crown. ;-)

Now, go and follow your heart or your dreams.

If you make mistakes, don't blame your parents. It's not their fault. Grow up and cowboy up!
All photos courtesy of Pinterest and Tumblr