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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Living Room Table and New Rugs

As I said earlier, I've been thinking of a more classical style—oh, not too much different, just a few things to add to the living room—and started thinking about just switching the chairs. Even Love Bunny said it made a difference in the living room. I know, I know, not much, but when viewed in actuality, it really does make a difference.

I had a little mosaic table by the Thomasville chair on the left and then switched it for another table I got at Bombay & Co. many years ago. It was a bit taller than the chair and th' hubs didn't like it and really, neither did I. So we all know what that means: a new table. Squeeeeal...

Now, I'm not going to spend five or six hundred dollars for a table as I'm being frugal so I thought I'd head on over to T.J.Maxx. I'm terribly disappointed with that store since Home Goods bought them out or, at least in our area, combined them. Nothing like our old T.J.Maxx. The linens area is pathetic as is the accent pillows area.

I headed on over to Cost Plus and just about choked walking into that store. They burn an incense that is horrid. I don't know how people work in that store with that smell. It is reminiscent of India or the Far East. Not a scent I like at all. So, choking my way though I didn't find a small table I liked unless I wanted something with glass marbles on it or symbols...well, you get the idea.

I phoned hubs from the car (He was at another convention but at least near home this time! Sigh.) and told him my dilemma and that I was going to see if Craigslist might have something I'd want.

But on the way home, I dropped into Target, which is a rarity as I'm not particularly fond of that store and went up and down several aisles and was just about to give up when I spotted a little table that could work for $59.99. I plan on giving it a coat of white paint or shabbying it up a bit. Hubs likes it like it is but it's a tad dark for me. We'll see. This is going to depend on how lazy I can be! You know that, right?

Joining up with this linky party:

This is one photo of it.

Another view of the area, but closer. I live in a small house now, remember. Small living room, but 4 bedrooms and a small family room.

This is the table. I put a white runner on it to give me some idea of what it will look like white. I also plan on changing out the knob, something a bit cuter than that. But it's an extra drawer around the house and I like that. Plus I can put magazines or something on that little bottom shelf. I forgot to dust it before taking this picture.

However, T.J.Maxx did have a few rugs that were just what I wanted though. I'm showing them beside the candy apple red rug in my laundry room to set the color for you and this photograph is very accurate as to the colors—a rose pink that is reversible and washable and a beautiful seafoam color rug that is also washable, very soft and thick and no rubber on the back. I was thrilled to get those two rugs.

Closer view.

So you see the crocheting on the edges. This rug is really lovely. I'd have bought 2 if they had had two of them.

Isn't this room beautiful in blue? I think the furnishings are lovely.

This little montage gives you an insight for different kinds of wreaths to make. I thought you'd like it.

A beautiful serene room.

The striped one on the bottom is what drew my attention. Hey, I just remembered I have some striped pink heavy fabric. I can make pillows for my sofa out of that! Gonna do it this week.

That chair is stunning. I would, however, get it recovered. It's too beautiful to have it not be used and you really can't use it to sit in like that.

An easy makeover for a lamp.

If you didn't have a linen closet, you could just hang your beautiful sheets on an old ladder in your bedroom to show them off. Terrific idea!

Pretty vignette.

Love Bunny would have to hit me over the head and drag me kicking and screaming into that bed. It's almost scary looking at it. Way too dark for this chick!

Beautiful cups.

An awesome tin can collection. Looks to be British with the one tin having a picture of Queen Elizabeth. She is a gracious lady even if she's not our queen.

Aged vintage shutters always grasp us. Lovely. I think I might paint them if they were mine though.