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Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Easter Bunny Eye Candy for Pink Saturday

Just a reminder for all you chicks out there looking at this post to be sure and check out my giveaway of a darling birdhouse on Jan. 16, 2009 blog post. If you've missed reading me regularly and are just reading my Pink Saturday post you might wanna check it out, ladies!!!!!!!

I also considered this wreath but it was the same problem and the fairies weren't included. What's a wreath without the fairies, I ask you?

Are these cute or what?! I may get some of these to hang in my office.

Or then again these would look great in my house also. Whadda ya think, chicks?! Hmmm..........

Hubs spent the day with me on saturday chauffeuring me around to Costco, the grocery store, Bed Bath and Beyond (where we bought a sheet to act as a cover for our new mattress and not slip off the ultra thick mattress. Cost: $30.00!! Sheeesh), and to JCPenney for a whirlwind shopping spree in there.

As I passed by the lamps–spotting one for 1/2 price of the $120.00–he dragged me away. I have to return something on monday...........guess what else I'll be looking at??? Yep, I plan on looking at those lamps seriously this time. I need new lamps to decorate, cherubs........ But I'm passing on these little beauties below even as cute as they are.

This was also given serious consideration. I love this one. Maybe I could just hang this one inside and not worry about it getting squished in the door. Yeaaaaahhhh, that sounds good to me. *Wink*

Beautiful as a grouping on a dining table.

More luscious faux pastries and green bunny dinnerware. Notice that the napkins are simply tied with a pink ribbon. Easy and quite lovely.

Have you ever seen such darling bunnies than on these plates.......chicks, too?!

I can just see the kids coming into this house with these on a table. They are already stymied by all my faux pastries. I think they wonder why I have all this stuff around and they can't eat it.

I really wanted this one. No dice. Won't fit.

So this is what I'm settling for. I can hang this on the front door after I paint it candy apple red and it'll look lovely I think and I don't have to worry about it covering up the peep hole or being squished or possibly even getting stolen. The door is a red now but not the Pratt and Lambert Cardinal Red, which is the truest red I've ever seen. So with a true red door and this flag it should be lovely and make a statement. Purple and red....yep, I like that. Plus I absolute adore Thomas Kinkade paintings. My daughter got one for me and I love staring at it from time to time. He's one of my favorites.

That's it for today. More in a few days.