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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cottages and Roses Paintings #4 for Pink Saturday

This is the 4th time I've edited this post!! I keep thinking of things I want to tell ya chicks or tips I want to share.

I've been thinking on what I wanted to do with a corner behind me to the left of the desk in my office. I just couldn't come up with anything, but actually I hadn't given it too much thought as I've been super busy trying to find space for my sheets and I go—getting off track!

Anyway, I was reading a blog the other day and she had a corner and "BOOOOOING", it hit me like a ton of bricks!! I don't know why because I've done this in my house in other places, but it just didn't hit me until I saw her picture. Donna "snapped a rubber band" at my head with the picture over on her blog today.......hmmmm, seems like yesterday though. Oh well............ I simply put a little lamp that has been sitting on the floor until I could find out what to do with it. This is the corner where my cable modem and wireless router sit and it looks just "blah" there. I've been thinking but it didn't sink in until her blog picture. I am going to cover the little tv tray it is sitting on. My office can't be configured many ways because of all the electronics I have hooked up to my computer so this is IT, chicks. It fills that corner AND gives me some light. But it was so short that I added the books to it for a bit of elevation. Works very well. DUH!!!


I've had these millinery roses for years and years and they've kind of "settled or flattened" from being in a drawer for so many years.

Then I came across a tip from Heather several days ago—can't really remember when— and tonight I decided to test it out as I had nothing to do. Riiiiiight!!!! Hah. Anyway, I thought I'd share this tip/trick with all of you. It actually worked well as you can see in the pictures below of the before and after. They're actually very perky and pretty now.

The tip is to hold them upside down over a steaming kettle or pot. I used a pot with boiling water and held it over for a minute or so and voilà! They are back in shape.


Okay, I got to thinkin' today, chicks. I wanna do a swap with only one person! Just me and someone else. I want to do a crown swap. Anyone wanna accept the challenge to do it with me??? Hmmmm??? Just email me today and let me know. I'm only going to do one person. I want to get to know one of you very well. By 5 pm tonight. I'll pick the name out of a hat and announce it after 5 pm TONIGHT. This is gonna be fun!!!


I saw this darling prom gown and had to share. While certainly more modest than some I've seen, most of the teenagers I know wouldn't wear something without a sleeve. However, this dress is adorable with its net ruffles and being pink so I had to share.

I love hand bags like these below—all pink, satin and froufrou-y.

I guess men design these shoes. Women who actually wear them wouldn't design something so high you look like an elephant walking down the street. Just watch the women in these HIGH heels walking. They CAN'T! Why can't they design these in a shorter heel style so we don't ruin out feet later in life. Trust me on this ONE!!!! They are adorable though.

This looks like something designed by a man who hated women! Like maybe the Marquis de S*de!

You certainly won't break a heel in this one; you'll break your FOOT! Silly.

Seriously, chicks, can you REALLY see someone actually buying, wearing and walking in such a shoe??? This designer must REEEEALLLLY hate women! Idiot!

How I love this magnificent huge rose bouquet!

Spending a summer afternoon watching sail boats drifting by while reading your favorite book and having a picnic lunch with someone special.

Spending some time at the sea shore watching the ocean ebb and flow in your solitude with the birds drifting overhead and a blue bouquet at your window. Feel the sand on your toes as you dig them into the sand.

A bouquet of roses freshly picked from the garden and tossed onto a side table until they can be arranged into a vase. She reminds me of Paul de Longpre and his luscious painting of roses in this one.

Another exuberant bouquet of picks from the garden on a summer morn with fresh berries and other fruit for a tête-a-tête.
Last of these paintings by Barbara Mock.