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Friday, December 23, 2011

Roses and Fancy Plates for Pink Saturday 12/24/2011

Welcome to Pink Saturday just before Christmas 2011. It's a special time of year because we celebrate the birth of our Savior and I love watching the hustle and bustle of it even though we've given up on gift giving except for the 2 youngest grandsons and our sweet Miss Caroline, our first great grandchild. We'll see her in about a month when we go over to visit with our little munchkin for a week. Here is a picture of her with her mummy, her aunt and new cousin, Ethan. They actually have the same hairline but different color. He sure is a doll. His mummy is the prettiest physician I've ever seen. Isn't she lovely?

But as always, I thank Beverly for each Pink Saturday and her sweet willingness to help me give away 12 aprons because we are trying to get rid of unnecessary stuff. Thank you again, Beverly. She is one of the sweetest and kindest bloggers I know.


I decided recently to bite the bullet and get rid of some china plates I've collected over the years. Let me assure you this was no easy decision. I absolutely adore these plates but it's time to get rid of them. Now, I've thought of taking them to the thrift store or giving them to my daughter to do mosaics with them (She's insistent that I give them to her) but before I do that I'd like to see if someone else who won't cut them up would like to have them. I won't give these away but if you see any plate or set of plates you'd like, email me and I'll give you the thrift store price, but you must consider the cost of mailing them to you. That can be more than the actual plate. If there is no interest, they go to California with us this spring for my daughter to cut up. I don't plan on being around when she does it as I can't watch it; I'll cry. :-(











Butter pat plates.


I love this plate and will find it hard to get rid of if someone wants it.

A rose covered honey pot. Not many of these around.


Love Bunny bought this for me at an estate sale as a surprise but I don't use it.



Anything you see ABOVE this picture is available, not anything below here. I'm keeping just enough plates to furnish a table for my family. And if we have any more great grandkids then they get the Melmac plates. :-) I refuse to hold onto stuff anymore. Letting go and getting rid of so much "fluff" is more important. Both my kids and granddaughter have more than I do and don't want any more stuff. It goes!

Just a few crystal stemware for us to entertain "lightly".

enough dishes to do the same.

These are the dishes I had crammed into that china cabinet.