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Friday, December 11, 2009

Working on the Tree Ornaments

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Friday night is Date Night around this household. I get to not cook and be treated to a meal in a restaurant. We do this on mondays also, but it is usually a salad at Wendy's. But, anyway, friday night is mine to spend wherever I want, even if it is Joanns Fabrics. Squeeeeeeal. We also hit the Dollar Store for a plethora of items.

I couldn't find any pink roses this time of year unless I wanted to pay dear for them and I'm not too keen on that. I want a deal—a bargain. So I purchased some white poinsettia bushes and inked them with my new ink pad. Worked great. Quick and easy. My kind of work, chicks!

I also got a pretty good deal on ribbon at about 20 yards for $1.00, if you can imagine that. Little white snowflakes for 6 for a dollar also.

A little tree that when turned upside down becomes a tussie mussie or cone for some goodies. I got 2 of these because I already have some I have to paint to use but I liked these sparkly ones. Notice on the left the little ornaments I painted pink with roses. Love Bunny drilled the holes for me and I've added pink ribbon as the hanger.

Keep in mind also I was trying to get good photos in horrid light tonight. I'd switch from one setting to the other but they are not very good photos and with all the reflection from the glitter and tinsel it's difficult to photograph. Grrrrr.....

Silver snowflakes to add to the tree and some little birds that were 3 for a dollar. I pinked up their tail feathers. ;-)

Some pretty green, glittery greenery to add to the tree in small touches. More glittery birds!

Silver and gold garland at 9 ft. for a dollar. Great filler for the pink tree.

Close up photo of my pink feathered bird and the inked poinsettias.

I've finally glittered the ornaments I painted. Finished!!

Random Musing:

Conversation at dinner in the restaurant.

He: Is that a sparkle of glitter under your nose or is it running?

She: (A look to kill! He could have reached across the table and wiped it delicately AND romantically with a napkin the way David Niven would have done in the old movies. It was glitter.)