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Friday, May 8, 2009

Personalize Your T-Shirts for Style!

Update on son 5/8/09:

I talked to him a few days ago and he was actually in Sam's Club. Remember, hubs and I and some friends did a fast for him on sunday. Well, this was after the fast! His leg isn't bothering him too much. His left eye is still a little cloudy. His right eye goes in and out of being cloudy. NO HEADACHE!!! His ears are still ringing. BUT he sounded like his old self! That was a huge difference. Plus he went to physical therapy and they took his crutches away and gave him another brace that is much more comfortable for his knee. He had done 2 1/2 hours of p.t. and was wicked tired but I just KNOW he is going to recover. He has an an appointment with the eye doctor and audiologist and will hear what they have to say, but this mother knows that the Lord is healing him. No doubt in my mind he'll be just fine soon. I thank each and every one of you who prayed for him. There are too many to name but I thank all of you and you know who you are!

I bought this t-shirt a few weeks ago and showed you some with ribbon roses and bows and buttons, but I thought this was adorable also. I just took a polka dot grosgrain ribbon and sewed the button to the bow after I made the bow with the help of my toes! You can be stylin', chicks!

Also, while sewing this on I heard a loud crash behind me. While sitting there at my craft desk the ceiling light fixture fell off right behind me—just barely missing my head! It's a heavy thing and if it had hit my head there's no question I would have been knocked out. Scared the heck outta me, I tell ya. Wow!