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Thursday, January 21, 2010

After All That Work

Several days ago, I had a brilliant idea. It quickly turned sour. :-(

I thought of putting tulle netting on this little glittery tree. That necessitated another run to WM for more netting. I've probably bought and used at least 50 yds of netting this past holiday season but I've run out. I needed milk anyway. That netting and milk cost me $50 at WM. I think they count on us coming in frequently just so we'll spend more money. Noooo, I don't think it; I know it.

I got it all decked out. Then I plugged it in and the lights wouldn't work! Hubby came home and told me he couldn't find all the LED lights through all the froufrou. I had to take it off. I just about cried. Do you have any idea how hard it is to put that stuff on a twiggy tree with all the glitter falling off and the tulle getting caught on it? No? Well, I'm here to tell ya it ain't easy, chicks.

We found the fuse and replaced it and all is fine now. This is how it turned out. I took this late at night and it isn't very good but you get the idea.

Little victorian pin made by my friend, Bertie of Aunt May's Cottage. Visit her site with items for sale. She has wonderful things!

Here starts the beginning of your learning from my mistakes. I thought of removing the few above photos but decided to keep them so I could display my adventure of trying to get it right. ;-) Okay, okay, go ahead and make your own mistakes, chicks!

After viewing it all day long I didn't like the proportions of the tree—looked too skimpy with the netting. (This is obviously due to the utter nuttiness of trying to put tulle netting on a twiggy tree with sequins glued to it!) I took it allllll oooooffff and cut it into manageable pieces and then wrapped it around the tree and bunched some pieces up into little fluff balls and just kind of stuck them in there. Voilà, I like it much better now. Looks fuller and more "poofy." And this was taken at night with an overhead light on with NO flash. Much better. I truly like this style much better.

Okay, I couldn't resist taking a few more pictures. One outside on this cold morning and the other one in the dining room, just to show you how pretty it really is.

And this is where it ended up—on one of the bookcases I brought in from our family room to the living room and took the etagère from here into the.....but wait, that's a different post. ;-) Sighing and screaming!!!