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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Last Roses of Summer

I went out a few days ago to get photos of the last of the blooms in my rose garden. Here they are.

My little "buds"! They may yet bloom. Still a bit warm during the days.

This is my hydrangea singing its last song of 2008. The 2 shots are of different clumps of flowers on the same hydrangea bush. Now, how in the world can that happen?? Beautiful though.......

This was came out a bit blurry but I loved the look anyway. See, even I can't get it right every single time. LOL

Little sad pink rose. It's still struggling through its existence but getting a bit "faded" around the edges........kinda like ME..... ;-)

Another beauty struggling with its end of life cycle..........definitely like me! :-)

This one is a lovely pink salmon color. It's at its peak when taken the other day.

A huge bud of a pink/yellow rose. I'll try to remember to get another shot after it opens fully.

Next 2 shots of a very pale pink/white rose out there. One is a closer shot but this is lovely when at its peak during the summer. I can't remember the name but it a multi-petaled rose. Just gorgeous!

This one is my favorite in the garden. I love this color and the fullness of the bloom and its "ruffley" appearance.

Another rose getting ready for autumn.

Close up of it loosing its petals. Makes me a bit sad. I could see some little bugs nibbling on some of them. The dew is still visible on some of the above roses also. I should have waited until about noon to take the pictures but I took them early in the morning when the sun was in the east. But aren't they simply beautiful??? I love my rose garden. Love Bunny is taking me over to Greenhurst nursery saturday to get me a gardenia plant. I love the smell. BUT I promise to let hubs take care of it. Otherwise, it'll die as I only have a PINK thumb and not a GREEN one in any way at all. ;-)

And last but not least are the latest practice painting roses - one a closer look than the other. My group chicks have told me to bite the proverbial bullet and start on a canvas with these roses. I'm scared!!! Yes, I'm truly scared to put that first drop of paint for a rose on my canvas. I'm stalling but I'll do it within the next 2 days. Pray for me!!!!!