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Friday, October 31, 2008

Greenhurst Nursery #3

I wanted to get this area of the room from another perspective for you. Look at all those lovely flowers that will NEVER EVER die on you. Darling wicker table and chair set - the kind that looks substantial, sturdy and vintage. Frogs and statuary covered with moss. Religious statuary for gardens also.

Same room from another vantage point. Look at the unique ornaments, the statuary, faux plantings and the little table top greenhouse on the shelf.

I was determined to get some close ups of the flowers for you. These are so real looking. They look a bit like roses but I don't think they are but I'm not sure what to call them. I'm not an expert on flowers; I just LOVE them!

Okay, all you shabby chic romantic chicks, get out your can of white spray paint and grab those pine cones out of the trees and start spritzing! Wouldn't those be lovely in a bowl with some paper roses strewn about?! I'm going to be looking at doing this. I love the juxtaposition of the "rugged" with the "delicate".

We now go across the aisle to the "cowboy" room. It's darling!!!!!! Look at this tree! It's not green but mostly pine needles that look dead. Chili peppers. Covered wagon ornaments. Cowboy boots. Old trunk you'd see on a covered wagon. Signs that say "staff trailer, bonanza, round up, wild west." Ostrich feather sprouting out of the top. I've never seen anything like it. Just truly CUTE!!

I'd love having this chair anywhere in my house. I'd hang that sign for Love Bunny also!!

Would you just look at these light switch plates?!?! They are adorable. Some are verdigris and some are moss covered - all faux, of course.

Okay, chicks, take a lesson from this sign and not go into debt. One of my favorite mottos. ;-)

And drawer pulls in a western motif. Fish, garden tools, birdhouse, watering can, wood bark looking one, leaves, pine cone, swirls and twigs, insect and even a ROSE!! I may go back for this one. LOL

And lastly, here are the two chairs I painted and added my roses to the backs. I'm happy with them. They were for the patio out back but I think I'll keep them in here for the winter - one to use for my painting desk chair and the other one to use in my craft/sewing room chair.