My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cute Things

As I said, I'm just got to make you daydream about things...with a dash of reality thrown in.

How about this darling vignette? It looks so small and from the overhead cabinets I'd say this is a trailer, maybe a camping trailer. I have a pillow exactly like the one on the sofa in front of the last green pillow. I also have a footstool exactly like that one.

I wonder if our homeowner's association would complain if I did this to our garage driveway? Probably so, but we've been in this house 6 1/2 years and have had 3 driveways—the original one that raised up after about 8 months, then another one they poured a few months after that, and then the one on there now, which is raising up and chipping on most of it. So now we'll have to pay to put a new one in. Just frosts my cookies to have to do that when they couldn't get it right in 3 tries!

I've told Love Bunny I wanted one of these for our backyard, but he says, "We don't have a pool and we don't live near a beach." Silly man, as if that mattered. We're talking ambiance here, not reality.

I saw this photo years ago, but it just now struck me that this is what I need for our table. Yep, hubs will make me one posthaste because we all know how men love to put hammers, saws, and nails in their hands. I have no doubt I'll have one within the next 2 weeks. ;-) Plus I already have the roses to fill it.

Can you just picture this in your bedroom to sit on while reading and not disturb your hubby? Darling!

Pink French chairs? Sigh.....

Can you remember the days when a woman would negate the idea of 2 old boards for a table? Now, they fight to be the first to buy it at a barn sale, flea market or antique store. Antique?? The farmer's wife who owned it would have traded it gladly for a new table. I find this one absolutely gorgeous!

Sighing..... It's true; I use a lot of netting around my house, especially in our bedroom and master bathroom. It adds romance and beauty when draped behind the headboard.

That's it for today. So go and smell some roses and lift someone up.