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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vintage Living

I'm posting the last photos of Ardenwood in Fremont, California, where we visited in May. I culled the numerous photos I took and decided too many were just repetitious but these few will strike your fancy I believe.

Would you believe they had a porcelain "baby" tub in this house? Yessssss. It was for the bathing of infants and young children. It was up high off the floor for the ease of the mother or nanny.

This gives you a little better perspective of it. I thought that was a darling idea and very practical.

I would give much to have a butler's pantry like this. Heck, I'd just like my kitchen to be this big, have this much storage and the counter space!

My grandson, Adam, looking at this vintage stove and hot water heater.

The first house in the town to have a hot water heater. An ingenious design for its time.

I thought a few of you might like to see this old sink which is still in use today in this house. "Back to the future?" Yep. Many are now installing these kind of sinks in brand new homes.

Better view of the stove and hot water heater.

Hold me back here, chicks!! I'd love to have that old sewing machine and cabinet. Actually, I'd like the dress form also!

The docent who gave us the private tour actually played old phonograph records on this and they were wonderful—scratchy but wonderful!

Random Thought:

It is best to not pick your nose while hubby is driving because it could result in your finger ending up in your brain. (Personal experience!)