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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Life in a Small Town

If you wanna hear my daughter's "anger management class" story go read it and have a laugh. Yep, we're alike in the humor department. But this is absolutely a true story!!! THIS is who I took along with me on this day!

I'd like to show you our little town in Idaho. We like it here and it's a relatively middle size town of 80,000 people but has a small town feel to it. This is a small new strip mall down the street from us. It contains an Italian eatery, a physical therapy office, a home decor shop, a bookstore with coffee shop inside, a Don Aslett cleaning supply store and 2 physicians offices. They have a small little picnic area next to the bookstore to sit in the spring, summer and fall to have a drink and chat. Nice little area. There is an upscale housing development behind this little group of offices and stores.

The day I took this trip around the town was a cloudy day during thanksgiving holidays.

This is a neat old victorian style house that I pass each time I go to the grocery store.

Another house on the same street.

And another one decorated for the holidays.

Arriving downtown, I parked near this grassy park area. The mural on the building is original to the building and the small band area allows "concerts" of local talent if there happens to be something going on downtown.

"Main Street America." My daughter from California was visiting for the holiday and we started down the "main" street of town. Here we have a little antique mall and tiny coffee shop. I guess you don't even have to ask where we "started" the tour.

This was originally a bank but has been abandoned for many years and is now an office.

Further down the street is a cafe called Little Kitchen. I haven't been to it but it has been recommended to me and we plan on going there in the next few days for breakfast. It was quite crowded this day. But a friend said they have fantastic breakfasts. We'll see!

Here we are at the tiny coffee shop having a chocolate muffin and a drink. Next we'll show you the antique shops. That's my daughter sitting there.

I really do like being in a town this size. Just big enough to be a small fish in a big pond but small enough to not have to travel very far no matter where we go to shop or eat.