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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yes, Virginia, There Really Is a Fonz!!!

During my "cleaning/puttering" spree this week I came across my old scrap book. Now, back in the 50s scrapbooking is what scrapbooking in the 2000s is; I can tell you that. So if you like to look with me I can explain a bit about me and MY scrapbooking which didn't really take hold with me. :-)

This is my scrapbook. Yep, we really did wear our jeans like that.......actually, I still roll up my pants legs! I'm sooooo out of it but I'm a pretty cool old lady.

I went to Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach, VA. because we lived in Norfolk at one point. But I graduated from York High School in Yorktown, VA. because that's where we lived for my junior and senior year. I have no clue who some of these people were that I have their candidate tags in my scrapbook. Sheeeesh......

It's pathetic to admit but it looks like I had to put my lip prints all over everything.

That little funny face in front is something Nan made me in school and she's been out for almost 30 years! The valentine on upper left is from a guy I knew for a few months in 5th grade!! I didn't even want to associate with him..........long story. I even have a sketch of my "Dream House" I did in the 50s! And about 15 years ago I drew another
"Dream House" and it is almost identical to this one! I hadn't seen this for probably 40 years.

Opened the valentine and saw "I love you from Wylie Frazier"!! I hardly knew the guy! LOL

Party these are definitely vintage and I lived it!!!

Anybody remember Jantzen and Rose Marie Reid swimsuits?!?! These were HOT and the most revealing when I was young.

Old letters from a friend name Gale. I can't even remember who that is!

A place we stayed at when I was traveling with my parents in the 50s.

YESSSSSSSSS! We even had our "Fonz" before the show in the 70s! That was 1957-58 and his name was Ace Alexander. Nice kid but a hood I think. My friend liked him. A picture of our high school on bottom and in middle a military academy a friend wanted to attend.

Prom night souvenirs.

Yep, the grand old Nifty-Fifty top tunes. And we actually did fill these things out on the Teen Log! Hah. Pathetic or just "too cool" for ya, babe???!!!

List of my favorite records and a program for a football game.

Autographs from friends. I must have saved really tacky (shabby) things even back then!!! Drive-in restaurant spoons?!?!?!

A ribbon from a game and our school newspaper.

More pix of travels. We traveled a lot. These are of W.Va.

Restaurant we went for our senior prom dinner.

Just take a look at these prices!!!!!!!!

Nothing over a $1.75 on the menu and that includes steak!!

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Now I'm going to have to go back and read all those love letters I have NOT included on here!!! LOL