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Friday, October 19, 2012

Drumsticks Ice Cream Story

Remember this post where I talked about shopping with th' Love Bunny? Well, he did it again! But this time with Drumsticks.

Until a couple of months ago, I hadn't had any Drumsticks ice cream for years. But during the surgery recuperation when my appetite was dulled from the painkillers, I tried enticing my appetite with any comfort food I could think of—Eggo waffles, Big Macs, just anything. Not much appealed to me then. But when he brought home Drumsticks ice cream I couldn't get enough of them. (Heaven forbid the weight should fall off! Sigh... But actually several pounds did disappear but I was diligent in getting them back on! Smirk) Then one night we ran out. I mean I was eating 2 or 3 a day! That's a lot for me. So I had him make an emergency run to our local market to buy some. He came home with some that had mint as the ice cream. Didn't read th' labels again!!! I was frosted because they didn't have the nuts on them either. What's a Drumstick without the peanuts? So I swore he wouldn't ever go shopping without me again. He's still trying to prevent me from killing every shopper in the check out line! It's not like I haven't done the shopping for 51+ years for us. I promise you I've never run over or crunched the heels of any man or woman in the aisles yet. Okay, okay, maybe once, but that was an accident. And he's forever holding on to the cart so I don't kill anyone. Drives me crazy.

But as fate would have it, the nuts dropped on the floor and since I go barefoot all the time, I was forever stepping on peanuts no matter how careful I was to inhale every single little smidgen of nut. So then, I very subtly admitted that we may have to buy the nut-less kind because my feet were getting tired of stepping on sharp little peanuts. I looked at him with a "don't even think of saying it" look on my face. He didn't.

A sweet, small and purely white room for a getaway. Could it be a cabin or cottage in the woods perhaps?

Very ornate gold entry table.

Fairy dust in a lovely bottle. ;-)

Cute way to serve lemonade drinks.

Lace and handmade ribbon roses on an article of clothing. Yummy!

Who could resist this darling apron slathered with beautiful roses. I'd love to have some of that fabric.

Cute way to display some plants.

Just a sweet window in some other country from the looks of the building and pots.

A froufrou hat along side a chair.

I thought you'd like some more ideas on what you can do to jazz up your lamps.

I have no idea what country this lovely duplex is in but from the looks of the architecture, I'd guess the northern parts of Europe. One is the reverse of the other, and the pink and white go adorably together.

See what you can do with a basket of greenery? A delightful way to add lighting to outside or inside. Just take a basket, fill it with greenery and add some miniature lights. Lots of pizzazz.

The ever-present roses on this blog. ;-)

Another cute idea for outside, as well as inside, to add punch to an area.

Cherry blossoms abloom within a secret netting room. Pillows, food, and a secret place. Sigh.