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Monday, June 16, 2008

New Bird Bath and Water Fountain......

As Jenn would say....squeeeeeaaaalllllll!!!! Bright and early this morning I hauled hubs over to Lowe's and Home Depot to look at bird baths and he fell in love with a water fountain. Now, not to say his taste is bad but I didn't like his first choice (too rustic-looking for a shabby chic pink house) and there wasn't a big selection for what I considered a good deal. I did NOT want to pay $400 for a fountain so we compromised on this one for $169.00 plus our 10% discount for being military or retired military. (Hey, did all you ex-military or current military know you can get this discount at those two stores?!?! Yes, just show your military ID and you get it!)

Anyway, he installed it with my expert supervision, which he doesn't think he needs but I'm here to tell ya chicks he would never have gotten the flow of water right if I hadn't been there to nag.....uhhhhh "direct" him. They don't call me supervisor for nothin' ya know!! What do ya think???

I also took a shot of the back patio/yard area. We are retirees and don't want anything bigger than the yard we have so it isn't very big but we haven't - I haven't - finished with it yet. These things take time ya know. ;-) I'll be putting some curtains, sheers I think, at some point. But living in the high desert has its own unique problems with outside decorating in a style I loved before we moved here from California. I love bougainvilla and star jasmine (hope ours lives that we planted a few weeks ago), and the tropical kind of plants like that. Things that remind me of Calif. - orange and lemon trees. Ooooooooh, don't even get me started. But you can see the little bird bath for $55.00 plus the discount. I put some little glass pebbles in it so the birds could maybe stand on them. I think they'd like the sparkle!

Oh, don't forget the GiveAway further back in the posts of last week. Leave a comment on the La Maison Rose site to win something!!!! I am a very generous person, all your lovely chicks and you really don't want to miss one of my giveaways! Sometimes they're just spontaneous! Ya never know!!!!!! Hah