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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I've been experimenting with the best way to do these clip-ons and I think I've hit upon the best way, at least, the best way for me.

I purchased sticky THIN velcro from Joann's and put one side on the shoe and the other "contrasting" part of the velcro on the bow or millinery rose. It worked fine for the ribbon and the roses. Doesn't matter which side goes on the shoe or clip-on. Mine ended up with the "fluffy" stuff on the clip-on and the "flat" stuff on the shoe. Just so you use the same "side" on each clip-on, otherwise, you'll have to peel it off and put the correct side on or it won't work. So for me: "fluffy" on the bow or roses and "flat" side of the velcro on the shoe. The velcro will remain on the shoe until I get tired of it or it starts to "wear" off. Quickly zip it off and replace with the other clip-on. I plan on making other ones to interchange and give the shoes an entirely different look. I could even make covered buttons and stick them on in some fashion. I'll play around more and come up with some more unique things for the clip-ons. Even fabric bows made from roses fabrics. Heaven knows I have enough of it. Oooooh, it took a 12" piece of grosgrain ribbon for the one bottom bow and 4" for the little top bow if anyone wants to make some. When I get more done I'll show them so you can see all the things you can do.

See how clip-ons can make a pair of shoes have different looks. I think I'll try some pink or fabric bows next.

Even little charms can "charm" up a pair of clip-ons on the shoes.

These - bows and flowers - have the velcro back on them.

This is a close up of the backs of the millinery rose and ribbon bow. You can see the velcro on the shot. It will come off if I want to pull it off so it doesn't hurt the shoe. These were $100.00 pair of shoes and even though that's not very much in today's market, it's still enough money that I didn't want to destroy the shoe if at all possible. Even the pin backs I pushed through the leather at first didn't hurt the shoe. A little rubbing with my nails (such as they are on these "working" hands) and they were like new. DO NOT TRY THIS ON "MAN-MADE MATERIALS IN A SHOE. I just wouldn't do it as leather is my preferred choice in a shoe and I don't have any "man-made material" shoes except for Crocs. I buy leather.