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Saturday, July 18, 2009

My New Pink Walls for Pink Saturday 7/18/09

Go visit Beverly at howsweetthesound for all the Pink Saturday participants today. And thank you, Bev, for doing this. I think it is the most participants of any blog event in blogland!

The walls are finally painted pink. We have one more room to do but I'll talk about that later.

This is the guest bathroom. I took an idea from Myrna and put some fabric over the mirror to soften it and the room. I have another idea but I'll have to wait until I can find some items I need. I put the lace back up there for a touch of femininity and because I have so many little snippets of it. It adds to the overall effect.

I love the wallpaper even more with the pink wall as background. They complement each other perfectly.

Some bloggers have emailed me and asked how I did the "poofs" on the fabric. Since this is a long scarf I just took several inches and tied it off with a rubber band and then tied it with ribbon and flounced it out. Very easy, quick and simple to do. Just arrange it the best way you can since this is a bit slippery fabric. Then I hooked it on to a cup hook I screwed in just above the mirror.

Another "poof" I did here is with tulle netting. I originally bought 20 yards of this pink tulle so I had a LOT more to gather up. Here I simply started folding it back and forth several times, tied it with a ribbon and then plucked it apart. It made much better roses or rosettes than the silky polyester in the guest bath. All that tulle cost me less than $20.00 and looks beautiful over my bed. I then added a paper rose to each "poof" and screwed in the cup hook and looped the ribbon over the hook.

This one is in our master bathroom. Pictures will have to come later when I finish in there. Isn't it amazing how small details can add so much pizzazz to a room? Cheaply, too!

They're all big and fluffy.

And now we'll talk about Love Bunny's office. This is the "before he cleaned it" picture I showed you a few days ago.

This is the "after he cleaned it" picture. He doesn't want pink in there. So we agreed on a mint green and a new wraparound desk for him. The promise of that spurred him on, I tell ya. He got into such a snit about it that I'm not even scheduling the painter back. Hubs has to do that himself. My aim in life is to make and keep him HAPPY!! So when he's ready for it to be painted he'll have to call him to come and paint the very last room in this house. Then I'll get the desk. That ought to spur him on. *Smile*