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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Spearing Hubby

Hubby went back east to his father's funeral a week ago. The only thing he wanted was his "spear" that was given to him years ago by his old scoutmaster. I said, "You'll never get that on a plane even if you find it." He said he'd try. Well, as you can see he did find it! He thought that it was lost forever. He did take it to one of those mailboxes place where they packed it up and mailed it home UPS. It arrived today and here he is with his spear from Borneo. If you look closely you'll see the top covering is elephant hair, which is very coarse to the touch. Then the spear is removeable and can go on either end. Intereting - those Borneans! Just thought I'd share because he is so happy tonight!