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Monday, April 6, 2009

New Shabby and Chic Pink Apron

In answer to a couple of questions about my aprons, I haven't made or sold any on ebay for awhile. Ebay has just been too slow so I haven't put any on there for a long time. I'll have to replenish my stock on them though as I have no more for sale now.

But this is one I was working on for a while and just completed. Ruffles, buttons, lace, shabby chic fabrics and many different kinds of fabrics on this one. I had to sit down and decide how to do it to get the maximum amount of scraps on it! Then once I had the vision in my head, I measured, cut and started sewing. I used polka dots, stripes and checks to tone down all the roses of pink and red. Kaffee Fassett pocket on the top. Lots of buttons including designer and fabric ones I made myself. I've counted 13 different fabrics in this little apron including the neck piece and the ties and little loop explained later! And lots of decorative stitches on this one also. It is truly one-of-a-kind because I have no more of the red and white polka dot fabric.

Up close you can see a little purple and red button on top, a little fabric covered one I made on the bottom and a ribbon rose and vintage lace on the sides.

Here you can see the little flapper button. This really is a girly girl apron!

Bottom half of this apron. Notice the double ruffle. Squeeeeeeeal!!!!
Jazzy sparkly button on the top left of pocket and a strawberry one on the bottom left.

Some vintage crochet lace from a tablecloth and a fabric covered button I made.

Another piece of crochet and pink ribbon roses along with a pink polka dot button.

I wear glasses for close up reading and work. However, I seem to always have mislaid or forget them so I have added a little fabric tab here to help me keep track of them by simply putting the ear piece through this little loop and they're pretty secure. A hankie could also be inserted here. I've covered a button with Mary Engelbreit rose in one of her fabrics.

Random Thought

Sometimes I have to ask hubs 3x what he means to answer his question properly. Men and women definitely DO communicate differently. *Wink*