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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Couture #1

If you refer back to this post and read the first 2 paragraphs, you'll see/understand what I'm going to be doing for a while. I don't know how long I'll keep this up but as of now I have a bit over 300 photos of gorgeous couture. I'll only be posting 10 at a time. Please refer to that post as I may post text and may not. That gives you a rest from me and greatly relieves me of having to post stories or comments on any of the couture. You may, of course, comment. In fact, I appreciate comments!

My mother was a model for a brief time. She was very tall. She told me stories about some of the clothing she modeled. She would refuse to wear it if someone had tried it on and left a smell on it. Some women have a problem with underarm odor and it was left on the dresses. She simply told them she wouldn't put it on her body. So even high-end clothing can be made undesirable by an unclean body.

Now, for all of you thinking of getting into the modeling business professionally, I'd advise you to give up the tattoos. They are not allowed, according to a very reliable source, see below.

This is from a famous high-fashion photographer: 
This is for those models who either have a tattoo or want to get a small one... and being told by certain photographers how much of a no-no this is... and how much they won't get hired and that you don't have tattooed fashion models. Glamour models, you better listen to those guys who pay you for your beautiful, perfect and unblemished skin. Models with fashion aspiration... don't!
I am talking about small tattoos... easily concealed under clothing... or on wrists, shoulders, back of the neck, under the breast, under the side of the arm on the torso, over the pubic area, on the ankle etc.) which can be covered with special makeup. Even those small tattoos frequently encounter staunch resistance by the conservative photographer.

But first let me make a few comments with which to begin this. Yes, these are gorgeous gowns, suits and dresses. But I want you to really look at the fabric the couturiers use and the construction of the clothing. That is very, very important. Only exquisitely talented people could come up with these magnificent pieces. But this isn't fabric that you can run into your local fabric store or Joanns and pick up. No, this is very expensive fabric, designed for each item. I cannot even begin to imagine how these people do this. I just want you to be appreciative of that talent. First, the gown has to be designed; then, the fabric has to be designed and made; then the items have to be constructed. These are way beyond the budget of the average person. Only very few women could afford these. I do not begrudge anyone these fabulous gowns. If you can afford it, buy it. I'm presenting them as beautiful creations and have absolutely no envy. Just eye candy for you. :-)