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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Greenhurst Nursery #18

We come to the end of this nursery series and I've loved showing you a part of my state. Idaho isn't famous for very much - mostly potatoes and they do grow the absolutely best potatoes in the world over in the southeastern part of the state. Yes, there really is a difference in the taste of potatoes! However, we are also famous for ski resorts and cowboys. So let's begin the ending of this tour.

When I did my first photo shoot of the nursery this area was awaiting decorating and was pretty much bare. But it is usually the "centerpiece" of the store. I'm glad I went back to snap some more pictures for you to see it as it usually is but "with the seasons."

This also is the room to the right of the entrance that was bare and awaiting decorating. And what decorating it was. There has to be at least hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ornaments in this room. Ornaments with very nice price tags......hundreds of dollars for just one ornament. If you enlarge some of the photos you can see a few of the price tags. Here's another "Charlie Brown" minimalistic" tree. It's adorable with its center pole white and green stripes.

Many Father Christmases..........most of them absolutely stunning.

Don't know who is the creator of these little ornaments but again, it's a "lime green" Christmas. Must be THE color of the season this year.

Enlarge to be "delighted"!! Look at the legs on those glittery goblets! I may have to get one next weekend.

Ooops sorry, these aren't in order because I meandered around that day to areas that weren't available during the first shoot. BUT if you love tropical or Hawaii type Christmases then this is the area for YOU!

Pillows with raffia ruffles!

Hula girls, pink flamingos (and we ALLLL know how I feel about pink flamingos!), syrupy cocktails in glasses, fish (fish??? Yes, FISH, but what colorful fish!), sea horses, dolphins, palm trees.........oooooh myyyyyy........

Here we go again with that lime green. Look at those shoes with the pink bows! Squeeeeeeal...... Pink and green everywhere. Aloha!!!!

Totes also.

Ahemmmm, back to the Mainland Christmas.......

This is what you first see now when entering the front door. Remember, the last time it was the halloween witch and display. Glad I came back to shoot one more time for you chicks!!!

Their revolving tree at the front door. It's very tall also.

Giddyup, ya cowgirls!

Oooops again, swinging back over to the tropical area.......

Okay, are you getting nauseous from all the going back and forth yet?? Well, hang on, it's almost over, chicks....

Look at this little music stand and the "legs"! No self-respecting stand would be without her high heels now, would she?!?!?!

A little round stand with just Christmas tree cookie jar and a furry snowman cookie jar and a green frog on a pink toadstool and lot of PINK ornaments on that tree that is one step up from Charlie Brown's.

The other side of the round stand.

Here's the little piece I gave you a "peek" at of awhile back. Do you remember that I posted a little "foot" to tickle your fancy and tease ya?!?! You are now entering the world of the pi├Ęce de resistance. Are these not absolutely adorable? Weeeellll then, look below............

Sarah!!!!! Oh, Sarah Palin!!!!!!!! Where are you? I'm shakin' in my high heels, chickees!! I gotta watch out for that moose huntin' chick! I think she has my name on that gun of hers. I think she's just jealous because I'm sooooo glamorous. Would ya just look at my high heel boots and my PinkkkkKKKK frock with the ruffles? And the ribbons on my feet.....uhhhh, I mean hooves. And my antlers??? Are they frou-frou or what!?! They'll hold candles but I ain't putting any in there till someone tells Sarah I'm not a moose. I'm a moosette with a roses garland around my gorgeous neck? Just call me Molly Roses Moosette! Yep, that's me, my sweet chickettes...... Okay, let's boogie on outta this place and put some dust behind us before Sarah sets her sights on me. I'm gonna "jingle" my bells for that chick! Do ya think she likes pinkkkKKKK?!?! I sure hope not or I'm toast. I'm sure she's just jealous of my outfit......or my chapeau or my HIGH HEELS.........

Yep, for a cool $1,900.00 you can take me home and I'll be yours forever! Just keep that gorgeous gun-toting chick away from meeeeeeeee! Squeeeeeeeeal!!!