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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just Desserts for Pink Saturday 9/19/09

Okay, big news in our household. Our granddaughter is going to have a baby so in May next year we'll be great-grandparents!! We're so happy and excited. It's been 9 years since she got married. Squeeeeeallllll!!!!

Go visit Beverly at HowSweetTheSound for all the Pink Saturday participants. You'll love the things you see because they are for the most part PINK!

Hubs and I have been cleaning out lots of junk we just are not going to need anymore. I have dozens of books I'm going to give to the thrift store but while I was sorting I thought I'd share this dessert book I bought about 10 or so years ago.

Now, I want you to look at these desserts realizing that every single thing on the plate is edible. The only thing you couldn't consume is the plate. I have 27 of them here for you to view. Just be amazed along with me that every single thing is edible. I'll comment on a few. Pass the chocolate please!

Chocolate fantasy, right? Ohmygosh! All edible.

The fans are chocolate.

The clowns hair is spun sugar.

Spun sugar again.

More spun sugar. Listen, I've tried this spun sugar on a couple of "designer desserts" and it is NOT easy to do. Imagine doing it on all these desserts.

The roses, hat and hat band are all edible. Gorgeous!!

Clown hair—edible.

How darling and creative to make a stove that you can eat and not have to cook on. The squares are edible and the whole stove and pots on it also.

My kind of Christmas tree—CHOCOLATE! Snow, snowman, stick, tree, fence and snow are all edible.

Dare ya to make this Halloween dessert! Fire, cauldron and bubbling mixture—all edible.

You can even eat her antennae, legs and chocolate drops on the plate.

Anyone for an artistic flair dessert? Eat the paint and the brushes.

Basket of fruit. Eat the basket along with the "fruit" and leaves on the fruit.

Eat the coconut shell and the "coconut" inside.

Here you can even eat the rind and seeds.

Chocolate cups for your dessert. Eat them also.

These are made with real cherries so the only thing you cannot eat are the stems. They're the real thing. Everything else is edible. This is adventurous even for the chef! Branches are chocolate formed into branches.

I think this is my favorite. It is not easy to make, but worth the effort. Gorgeous! All can be eaten—even the flowers and bow.

Having done spun sugar I can testify to how hard this must have been to make.

This is exquisite but I'd never even attempt it.
Okay, my sweet chicks, hope you enjoyed your venture into the land of the sweets today. I can assure you these are not to be made by the faint of heart. They are intricate and very, very involved in making each of these and there were even more in the book. You would have to have much patience and a high level of skill to even try an attempt at making any one of these. Lots of work and practice. Enjoy.