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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why Are You Photographing My Salad?

This is one of those "I hate t' tell ya" posts. Couple of conversations around the house lately...

He: I want lima beans with our meatloaf tonight.
She: Nope.
He: Why not?
She: Remember 2 weeks ago when I fed them to you how you kept me awake all night? (No explanation is needed here!)
He: I still want them.
Bringing food to table:
He: Those don't look like limas; why are they orange?
She: They're not; they're carrots. Eat them anyway.

She: Make us a salad for lunch so I can finish this project.
He: Okay.
After a few minutes he walks into craft room:
He: Why are we out of lettuce?
She: I don't know. Are you sure? (Her duh moment, silly question)
She walks into kitchen to check fridge crisper.
She: Looks like we're out, but you have a tiny bit of lettuce there.
She chops up about a cup of lettuce, adds tomatoes he's cut up already, adds cucumbers, carrots, onion for his plate, beets for her plate, sunflowers seeds for his plate, pecans for her plate, craisins for both plates and then artfully arranges it on plates like a chef would do.
She: Remember the slogan about "lemons"?
He: Huh?
She: Making lemonade from lemons?
She: Thank you for doing the salads for lunch.
He: Blank stare!

Salads don't have to be just about "lettuce", ya know! Tasted wonderful!!! Notice the "artfully arranged" ingredients... ;-)