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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Laundry Room Redo July 2009

The laundry room was painted pink also during this time and if you've looked at my right side bar and clicked on "Laundry Room" then you've seen it before BUT I've spruced it up a bit with a few minor changes. The best part is that it is now PINK!! Squeeeeeal...........

This is entering into the room from the hallway to our bedroom. The decals have been on there for a couple of years now. The border is the same but I had to remove the die cut wallpaper border because the painter couldn't paint around it. Just too complicated. Luckily the same border is still available and I ordered 2 rolls in June but actually I only needed one so I have a spare just in case.

The shelf came down and I lowered it when it went back up. The coat rack was also lowered and the broom, dustpan and dusters are now behind the door on nails.

The curtains that hide all the laundry soap and paraphernalia that goes with housekeeping are hiding it once more.

The little white shelf sits proudly once again holding my shoes. Love Bunny won't put his shoes on it and he wears a size 12 so we know what happens when he takes them off, right? He leaves them where I'll trip over them! Yep, he does. You really can't miss a size 12 mudtracker!

But let me say something here about that Snuggle fabric softener. It's "creme sweet almond essence"scented and smells the best of just about any I've ever used except Suavitel Meadow Flowers but it doesn't last on the clothes like Suavitel. I looooove the scent of the Snuggle but I also loooove the scent of the Suavitel. So for the price and long-lasting ability I'll keep using the Suavitel. It scents my whole laundry room and all my laundry smells like it all the time.

My little hanger holds pretty roses hangers I painted and to which I added decals as it was before I was brave enough to try hand painting roses on them. I made the little clothes pin bag to sell and it never did sell so I just hung it in there. It's kind of french looking and quite adorable so it adds to the ambiance of the laundry. The message board slightly behind the door hides the home's command center circuitry. What else could I do with it besides stick a pretty message board in front of it? I put coupons on there and promptly forget about them until just after the expiration date. *Sigh*.......

The "Laundry Room" sign I decoupaged is back up along with the laundry packets I get from an ebay seller from whom I buy fabric. I use the soap and fun-tac the packets on to the walls. A pretty roses wreath is added also. I didn't know what else to do with it so up it goes! Another little clothes pin bag on a pretty hanger gives me visual interest when doing laundry.

This door, of course, leads to our garage. Another pretty clothes pin bag I made hangs near by for clothes pins I use.

A closer look at the shelf with faux greenery and roses.

This is the back of a wood folding chair I bought at World Market at a ridiculously cheap price for the patio, painted my roses on the back and promptly broke when someone set on it. Not one to waste perfectly good hand painted roses I had Love Bunny take it apart to save that slat, tied a vintage ribbon around it and hung it in the laundry room. I truly didn't have the heart to do away with it after all the trouble I went through. See what you can do with "mishaps"?

In back of the dryer I hung this little board I practiced my roses on and surrounded it with more little laundry packets I get from Susan. Darling! Plus they smell good and the packets are very french looking.

Since this redo, I have added these little letters I made from fabric to this area instead of the little french laundry packets.

Looking into my hallway. Iron is hanging up out of my way and I can't for the life of me figure out how to make it look less like an iron than it does. I hid the ironing board with that yellow and pink cover on the right side but I certainly can't paint roses on the iron so what can I do? Some things are just strictly utilitarian and nothing to be done about it.
So who says a laundry room has to be ugly? Not me! You can do miracles if you put your mind to it.

You know you're getting old when your dining table has a lazy susan for all your medications and mail.