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Friday, October 16, 2009

Family Room Refurbishing Part 3

A few closeups of the items in the family room. This is the ladder with the finials tucked in nicely and the pink sparkly glittered starfish. I bought these little cupcakes from Shannon and just love them. I have several from different people as well as do my own, but I'd rather buy them than make them. It's much more fun to see other chick's delights! So go visit with her.

I also need faux plants as I love greenery around the house but everyone knows I can NOT grow a thing...well, maybe, mold, but plants? Nope, nada, zip. Then you'll spy a little darling bottle I got from Cathy. I don't have a passion for little decorated bottles; I have a passion for anything beautiful! Hence, the bottles. :-)

As I've said before: be adventuresome, or in come circles creative, in making pictures work for you if you're on a budget and the highly expensive picture framing industry drives you nuts like me. I use calendars, print pretty images off the internet (as long as I don't sell them, it's fine) and then hang them on my walls in old frames or use the mats to "frame" them.

This spot in the family room is not done. It's not visible from the dining area but that's no excuse for not finishing it off except I'm not sure what else I want to do with it. I have dozens of books I no longer use and am giving them to the thrift stores. Mostly decorating books. I'm keeping all my old favorites though and have put them back in the shelves but I'm thinking of pictures or knick knacks in there also. If you enlarge the photo and look on the 3rd shelf down from the top in the middle, you'll see my crayon box. Yes, I color in my books!

I have no other place for that pink chair I refinished years ago but I love it and am not selling it. I'll probably end up putting it somewhere in the living room eventually and stack books on it. It's an additional chair for holidays anyway. The baby shoes of mine on that little shelf will be changed out as soon as I figure out what will go on those tiny shelves. The bookcase houses most of Love Bunny's books and church books. The other one is for my froufrou and decorating books.

This little thermometer isn't my style but it is so cute I hate to get rid of it. Come to think of it, it really is a shabby chic style, isn't it? Anything goes with shabby and romantic!

Random Thought:

Peppercorn steak is one of my favorite meals and I make it for us a lot. But I got to thinking—again—about it being in heaven. If it's not in heaven, then I'm taking all my "Take Out" menus with me and ordering in!