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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cupcakes and Roses

These are my 24 cupcakes finished!! Now, I have to tell you something. I bought those silicone molded cupcake holders yesterday to bake these so it was my first time using them. I like them! However, on my second batch I didn't spray the liners before putting in the batter and they stuck a tad. But the first batch released quite well from the cupcake holders and looked absolutely adorable. I've put on the icing and the fondant roses. Don't they look shabby yummy?!?!?!

Prom Dresses and Memories

I saw some blogs months ago that had prom dress swaps or something like that and it got me to thinking about some old pictures of my proms that I had yet to scan into my computer. Now mind you, I've been meaning to do this for years! But never one to jump right into things helter skelter......hah.........NOT SO!! I'm the "Miss Jump Into It and Get It Done"! Anyway, I've been scanning the old photos lately. I look at these and think how young Jack and I were. No, he's not in any of these pictures but we were soooo funny looking as we look back 50 years ago. I guess you could call us vintage also! So here are some pictures of me and .................. well, just read and you'll find out.

This is me at my senior prom. Yellow dress with lace, yellow gloves, yellow satin shoes dyed to match.

This is me with my friend and our dates. They were twins and very smart and am sure they are now internet gurus making scads of money! But they were very nice young men.

As you can see we didn't take many color pictures back then. Color film was just so expensive it was saved for rare occasions. But the dress was blue satin. And they boy was just a friend my mother made me dance with!! I'm sure you all have had similar experiences. He was nice but just not my type. He had a terrible crush on me but what can I say.

This picture reminds me of "little miss muffet" who sat on her tuffet. It was just frou frou-y and I loved it. This was my junior prom and my date was a dud but I had a good time and got a pretty gown out of it and get to share this really geeky photo with all of you. I've got to be really into embarrassing myself to show all these photos to y'all!!

This little dress is one I just bought. Nuuuuuuuu, it won't fit this old lady but the lady I bought it from was thinking of making it into old pillows and I just loved the look of it as it was so I decided I "needed" it. I'll probably just hang it in my bedroom along side of my wedding dress and dream of the young lady who must have worn it for something special.