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Friday, January 29, 2010

Beautiful Images For You #1 and Pink Saturday

Join Beverly of HowSweetTheSound and the other participants for Pink Saturday and see all the pink items. You'll be delighted for sure, Chicks.

I am a firm believer in sharing. I cannot even tell you how many images I have from when I was designing templates. I don't do that anymore but I thought I'd start sharing with you so you can use them also. I probably have well over 10,000 images so I'll put some on here from time to time so you can use in your scrapbooking, crafting or any way you wish. As you can see I'll be numbering them so count on a number 2 sometime soon. I promise you it will be worth it. I have all kinds of images for different holidays. Enjoy.


Random Thoughts:

Now, you didn't think I wouldn't say something else, did you? Oho, you should know me better than that, chicks. ;-)

At the ward Christmas party at church in December, Love Bunny was dressing for it and I perused his attire with a looooong, slow look at him. Nice Dockers and button-down red shirt.

She: You're not wearing that, are you?

He: Why? Which don't you like?

Looking at himself, he looked puzzled.

She: The Santa hat. (He is one of the church leaders and I thought that was a bit undignified with the Santa hat on his head.)

He decided I was right because we focus on the Savior with our Christmas parties. Kids get candy but there isn't a Santa Claus there.

Several months ago now I was doing my monthly visiting teaching with my V.T. companion and we were going to a sister out quite a ways from us. I wasn't in the mood that day and as it turned out we spent 5 hours doing this and neither one of us has that kind of spare time.

However, I learned something.

I must admit I had a major attitude that day. We went to this lady's home and she had it built and it was beautiful. We had the tour—a major BIG TIME tour. But when I walked in I saw her very formal dining room set with place settings on the table, I thought to myself that it was a bit showy just to show us her new home. I was thinking she had "styled" it as is done for magazines. Well, I later learned we had been invited for lunch and wasn't even told about it. Now, I was trying to lose some weight and was a bit miffed that I didn't have control over my food on that occasion. But as we were preparing to eat after the hour and a half tour, she served a salad and desserts. But we spent just over 2 hours with her and by the time we left I was ready to "KILL"! I had scheduled 2 hours for the 2 women we visit and when it turned into 5, I was fit to be tied.

But later, I thought about it and realized I missed the major point here: I had a nice lunch. But with the attitude I carried for those hours I lost the purpose for the visit—to bring a spiritual message and companionship to a fellow Christian. I failed that test. I shall be more compassionate in the future.

A few weeks ago now Love Bunny and I (okay, mostly "I") wanted a hot dog. So since I was driving we stopped at the Chevron Gem Stop station. It's brand new and you could practically live in there with what they offer. Even has a Starbucks. So as we were leaving a man held the door for me. I wasn't sure if he was just being a gentleman or if he thought I was an old lady that needed help with the door. Aaaaack, is this what happens when we are over "39"? ;-)

What exactly is meant when we say "the far side of town"? I guess that depends on what side of town you live on. So I don't refer to the "far side" anymore; I usually say north, south, east or west side of town.

I'm going to leave this world kicking and screaming carrying pink, frilly and froufrou-y things if it's the last thing I do......well, that will be the last thing I do. *Wink*