My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Little Time for Me!

Lately, the only thing I've done for me is read a book or go out to eat while putting several creative things I've wanted to do on the back burner. But I'm sure you understand that, right? Today is the day I'm correcting that.

I started with my office here and took down some of the stuff on the wall behind me. It was starting to look cluttered to me or maybe it always was but it just got to me now.

The two shutters I got for a couple of dollars at a farm sale a few years ago and painted white and put decals on are going into the family room now.

I've taken down a little pink ladder, a mirror and several pictures. I've patched the holes in the wall and painted over them. I'll show the results later.

I've also recently tried an embellishment I saw months ago on a blog and cannot remember where. I emptied my armoire of several t-shirts that are stained, too big or too small or the colors weren't just right or I had taken a dislike to the color of the shirt. I cut circles out of them and put them on t-shirts I wear everyday. I'm usually in a t-shirt, but I thought I'd pizzazz them up a bit by putting coordinating colors or opposite colors I like with them. So far I've done two of them. You'll see the blue one in its first stage. I'm finished with it but it needs to be laundered before I show it here and it's a very old and well-worn shirt. This is the photo with half of the neckline done. I chose a blue and white thin knit to cut up into about 2 1/4 inch circles.

This one is done and I'm wearing it. The t-shirt is a candy apple red and does not show the true color of its red in any of these photos (red being a difficult color to photograph especially indoors with artificial light), but I decided to do pink on it. I love that color combination. These circles are 3 1/4 inches. So they're just a bit bigger but it does make a difference. I then folded the circle in half and then half again, stitched along the point of that and pinned them to the shirt and then sewed them on by hand. You "arrange" them as you sew them on. Very, very easy but I'll not see anyone around here with a t-shirt like mine. ;-)

Does the earth laugh in flowers? I think it may.

Silence is true wisdom's best reply. I know this from experience.

Joy is the simplest form of gratitude. If you show joy, it means you are thankful for life's blessings. And I am!!