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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just Missing Ya

I've been missing blogging something fierce, but I have to tell you it's been nice not having to take pictures every single day and think of what might be worthy of a blog since I've been doing absolutely almost NOTHING. And I mean truly not much of anything at all...except read a lot of espionage and mystery novels.

Okay. I needed some mascara recently and searched out Youtube for any recommendations. This one called Falsies caught my eye and I bought it. I have to say it really is nice. You can curl your eyelashes immediately after applying and it goes on really well.

Now, please don't go by these horrid pictures I took late in the evening because the one on the left side in the photo looks a tad bedraggled but the one on the right in the photo shows how lovely it goes on with just one application/swipe over the eyelash. I like it and will buy it again. With the way things are ever changing in the cosmetic world I'm sure there will be another one as good or probably even better soon, but this one is truly a nice one. I think the inside of the brows near my nose need plucking severely! Yuck...

This past weekend I just stayed home and really just felt very sorry for myself. Our ward was having Stake Conference (held every 6 months) and I couldn't go. My leg and back were simply too bad and in pain so that I couldn't make it. But let me go back to Friday.

I went to my doctor telling her my left hip is still hurting pretty badly and she set up some x-rays to see if maybe there is a pinched nerve or whatever might be going on. It just aches and burns constantly. Ibuprofen helps but it's a nuisance to have to live with it. But just a few days before I realized I was getting a yeast infection (you know where, so don't ask) and went to WM to pick up some OTC Miconazole. Well, while talking to her I mentioned a cold sore than the usual medication isn't fixing. During the last several years I get them 4 or 5 times a year and they are very painful, usually in the corners of my mouth. I mean I've been slathering the prescription in the corner to no avail. When I mentioned that she said, "Hmmmm, well, that could be a yeast infection in the corner." BINGO! The night before I put some Lotrimin on it just to see if that would help and the next morning (Friday) it felt a tad better. So, I had a yeast infection instead of a cold sore. (I have no clue about what causes these things, but I'm betting stress...S T R E S S...has something to do with it. So she gave me one of those Diflucan one-time pill to take and it's definitely feeling better. I'm even putting the Lotrimin on it also. I tell ya, this has been one heck of a summer and autumn for me! But some wonderful things are happening also.

Two friends who were in my eBay group but left for major health issues sent me something I received on Monday. I was in shock and so grateful for these two chicks and their thoughtfulness.

This is from Katie—a watercolor painting on card stock. Isn't it gorgeous?! I'm going to frame it and hang it somewhere in this house.

And then my sweet friend, Rhea, who has a major illness and can hardly get out of bed most of the time, sent me this little garland. I commented on her blog how darling those were and loved how she creates. (I've known her for about 6 years now and still keep in touch by phone even though she's no longer in our group.) To have received 2 packages on the same day was much more than I had ever dreamed of. I am so truly and absolutely blessed it is beyond my imagination.

I stuck it on my mantel temporarily until I decide exactly where I want to hang it. It is just precious and took some skill to do this. Rhea is very, very creative.


Random Thoughts:

I read recently on a news site that NYC is going to try banning catcalls and lewd whistles. I think that's silly to waste the government leader's time on something so frivolous. (But when has that ever stopped them!) Personally, I'd love to have as many as I can get. I should think that they have WAAAAAAY more important things to legislate than catcalls and lewd whistles. Which begs the thought: What in the heck is a lewd whistle? I want to know so I can use it next time hubby is standing in the front of the mirror shaving.

Now, I love kids, especially little babies, but truly all kinds in general. But I gotta tell ya, chicks, I truly don't think a 3 year old can leave a message on the answering machine that can make anyone understand them. I've called people and tried deciphering some of those messages. Most times they don't tell you whose residence it is or the phone number. Most times I have no clue if I've reached the person I've wanted to talk to or not. I know this post here won't make a lick of a difference to anyone but I can hope, can't I? And then there is the silly message they leave. Why in the world would you do business with someone who leaves a silly/stupid message on an answering machine? Bottom line: identify yourself or tell them what the number is so they know they've reached the correct person.

Indian summer is the warm days after the first frost but before the first snowfall. And the Indians harvested their squash and corn in this period.

Churchill called it the equal sharing of misery. Margaret Thatcher said the trouble with socialism was that you eventually run out of other people's money.

I truly do miss blogging and commenting but I can still only sit for very short periods of times at this computer. I'll never post a blog without some sort of eye candy. Until next time, my little chicks.