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Friday, May 22, 2009

More Lights for the Patio

Love Bunny is eating those olives as fast as he can to get me more jars so he doesn't have to climb up into the garage attic and search for the old canning jars. I can keep that man on his toes! Anyway, I finished three more with simply saving jars from food stuffs.

I've added tulle netting to one, ribbon to another and then one has lace from a vintage pillow case that I cut off. I've added paper roses and silk roses to each one. Now if I can just get hubs to add hangers around the top of the patio cover for me to hang these we're in business, chicks!


I saw a sign board at a church the other day that had this title for a class or sermon that was to be given: Success over fear. Now, I don't know about you but I don't WANT to get over my fear of snakes or airplanes. Why would I ever want to get over a fear of something that isn't hurting me or anyone else and that I don't particularly want to get over. I don't fly or plan on any trips to the Amazon to pet snakes.

A woman in our church wanted some help with painting her son's room once and I went over to help. As I was painting the inside of the closet she just haaaaaaapppppeneddddd to mention that her son's pet snake got loose and was lost. What kind of a homemaker lets the pet snake get loose I ask you?! You have never ever seen anyone drop a paintbrush so fast and exit a house as I did that day!!!! I panicked and left. Why in the world wouldn't that Ditz tell anyone before they came into her house????? Oh, they found him weeks later when someone was sitting in the family room on one of those banana chairs and the snake slowly exited. Can you imagine what that room would have looked like if I had been sitting on that banana chair?!?! To say nothing of the Ditz. I went into her house only once after that and when the son brought the snake out and said it wouldn't hurt anyone and would I want to pet it, I told hubs I'm outta her and we left posthaste. Eeeeuwwwww..... Ooooh, and it was NOT a garden snake, it was one of those that wrap themselves around you. A boa constrictor I believe he was. Heavy sigh...............

Random Thought:

In our old age women "leak", but men "splatter" from the time they're toilet trained.