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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've Got "THE" Bug Again! Yep, Say It Ain't So........

I was just not happy with the way the office/computer room looked so I had Love Bunny switch the furniture around again. Let me tell you: that desk weighs a ton, trust me! I can't even lift an end! It's that heavy. So the next few pictures show my work in progress. This will take a while because I need to remove things from the wall, rearrange furniture and shelves.

This is what I used to look at. I'm now 180° and looking at the wall. Does that mean I need a new message board?!?!? Yessssssss, I think sooooo!!!

Everything thrown onto the floor.

Gettin' better, chicks! I had to dust!!! Can you believe that???? I hate dusting! But I had to before I put the stuff back on the top of the desk. Dust bunnies were having a fiesta under there! Viva la bamba!!

This is such a disaster right now. My photo shoot area in the corner will be done away with and I'll try to figure out how to incorporate a "painting" area in this room. That's one of the reasons I'm doing this. Since we moved from the huge house into this "retired people" house of about 1/3 the size, I have had to paint on the kitchen table. I'm TIRED of putting it up when I want to paint and taking it down for meals! Aaaaccckkk.......... (through with the nervous breakdown). So it'll be different by the time I'm through with it. Maybe some wallies around the room instead of the ivy border. I wonder if hubs would go ahead and paint this room pink??? Maybe I'd better ask him that after a "night of wild abandon"!! ;-)