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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pretty Buttons and Papers!

I did buy more things yesterday just didn't have time to list it all. So here are more goodies.

This little button box is a tin can I found in a shop when we lived in California. I keep lots - hundreds - of buttons in it.

Isn't it cute? I decoupaged that little "connie's buttons" on to it so hubby wouldn't take it for himself; although, with it being pink and purple I doubt he would, but you never know so I'm very cautious. Hah!

These little scrapbook papers are cute too. I think I'm going to incorporate them into a birdhouse. I'm in that mood again to make one. Got a vision, chicks!

Here is a close up of all the buttons. There are buttons I've covered with fabric, buttons of shoes, ballet slippers, bear paws(!), rhinestones, ladies handbags, sparkly ones, old fashioned lady ones, rhinestsones, diamond looking ones, roses, ladybugs, plain, frosted, strawberry - just lots of different ones.

Just another shot of them all. The ones in the jar are frosted. I think I'm going to separate them into colors; although, most of them are pink. But I'm saving my old pickle jars to put the buttons in to make them more visible and "eye candy" and we all know how I feel about "eye candy"! Love it.

Can you see the little flapper one in the left center? She's cute.

In this photo can you see the wooden one with faux diamonds embedded all over it?