My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Heart is So Humbled Tonight!

My heart is so very full today from what I received in the mail - an unexpected "surprise" gift from someone. It's always astonishing to me the gifts I receive. I never ever expect any but I am so blessed to have been given so many things unexpectedly. This is from a lady who I've been helping with her computer. She is a delightful woman and we communicate via instant messaging frequently. But when I got my mail today and saw this I was thunderstruck! What an adorable little house!! She said it is from an aunt of hers and every time she looked at it she was reminded of ME. Can you imagine?! I am so overwhelmed tonight thinking of her. And it always so nice to know someone thinks of me.

Now, the card is another thing entirely different. She enclosed 2 cards and the one pictured here is from an Amish friend of hers. (I seem to have come across a few women lately who live near and associate with the Amish!) Anyway, this card was NOT computer generated. The lady made it with stamps and cut outs of roses she has glued on. My instructions from this lady are to send it to someone I love. I have many women I love dearly and it'll be a challenge to know who needs it most at the moment but I'll do as she requests. I'd absolutely love to keep it but I can't. I shall, however, scan it to keep a beautiful remembrance of this sweet lady. She isn't "into" blogs and will never read this but she'll definitely be remembered by me! And sweetly, of course. :-) Gosh, what a full heart I have tonight!!

Looks Like a New Chair!

I've had this chair for 25 years - actually it one of a pair of chairs that I've had recovered twice. They are high end chairs and stuffed with down. I have fought to keep the down stuffing in it when the upholstery people wanted to put in foam and fiberfil. NOT!! I love the cushiness of the feathers. First it was a pink/burgundy diamond print, then it was a gorgeous black with pink roses embroidery fabric (gorgeous!), now it is a kilim print with a sage background and shades of lavender and pink IF you look closely. The chairs originally cost $1,100 each and the first reupholstery cost pretty near that also for both chairs to be done. The second upholstery cost about $1,000 and that was about 4 or 5 years ago. Soooo I didn't think Jack would spring for another reupholstery so soon when it is great shape still. But I wanted a change after seeing a chair of Lynn's in Montana.

This woman, Lynn, lives in the wild and woolly west as I do and she still "breaks the mold" of having western decor or the ole beige overstuffed furniture so prevalent in most of the country but certainly in the "cowboy" states as we call them! LOL She is a girly girl!!!! Yeah. And her home is fantastic. She had a party recently and sent us pictures of it and a chair in it caught my eye. Well, let me tell ya, I was ready to go to Montana and do some "midnight" shopping - at Lynn's house. She gave me the name of the place where she got the slipcover for that chair, but, alas, they don't have any fabric like that anymore.

THEN I remembered that about 2 months ago I had a duvet cover that was kinda out of shape. So I took it apart and made 2 spreads out of it. Now, this is one of Rachel Ashwell's fabric and I love this particular print. So I went into the "closet of many covers" (my walk in closet) and grabbed it, went to the family room and threw it over the chair and knotted the ends and voilĂ , this is how it looks. A new chair for nothing!! Well, until I can get Jack to spring for another upholstery job, but that ain't looking any too promising in the near future. :-)