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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Driving Miss Connie

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Guess who did mummy's toenails ALL by herself!!! Granddaughter said Caroline wouldn't allow her to help. Had to do it by her own little self. Oh, yeah. Laughing my head off.

Many years ago, I was driving to work on the Nimitz Freeway (880) in the San Francisco Bay area. Not much traffic that morning. I was in the second lane from the fast lane. A car 2 lanes over and several cars in front of me was driving an older car and its hood opened up, disconnected from the car and came flying at me like a flying saucer. I was scared to death and tried to stop or swerve, probably both at the same time to avoid being hit in the face with that hood. The car behind me was honking their horn at me. I don't think she/he saw what was happening. Luckily the flying saucer hood just dropped right down in front of me and I ran over it. I shook the whole way to work. I'm a very, very good driver—cautious, courteous, don't speed (really!) and am very responsive, exceptionally quick reflexes, and quick on the uptake when something like that happens. But it was very scary thinking I could have been decapitated with an old car hood!

Yet another beautiful bedroom in pink...with a little pup peeking out from under the bed. :-)

One of my favorite views—a cobblestone street with gorgeous flowers and interesting doors, windows and shutters.

This looks like a clematis. Not sure but suspiciously close to what mine look like.

A lovely archway and promenade with luscious bougainvillea.

I've never seen a house on stilts except in photos but I guess they are common in the south because of flooding. This is beautiful though.

Can you tell it's a house on the ocean? Just look out that front door. It seems that just about every home I see on the ocean has a flag pole in its yard. These blues are a gorgeous shade of blue though.

Looks to be an old mansion somewhere in a large city. Very regal looking with that entrance and bay windows.

While I'm not fond of beige, I am very fond of gorgeous living rooms and furniture, such as the case here!

Very bold colors to use but I like it with the basic black and white background.

Where can I get this flowered duct tape???? What fun it would be to decorate something with this.

Looks like a graveyard of forgotten lampshades. ;-)

Sweet pink wall with green upholstered chairs and a beautiful balloon curtain.

Just an all-around gorgeous traditional living room.

Another lovely bedroom with multiple sitting areas in it.

Just leaving y'all with a little cute eye candy. I wonder if I could do something similar in my home with a bit different theme on the pompoms? Maybe a bouquet of roses in the basket instead of a child's toy elephant.