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Monday, July 5, 2010


I realized a few days ago that I've surpassed 900 blog posts! I wanted to have a giveaway then but decided to wait until this day to combine the giveaway with Kristina's giveaways. You'll do well to visit her. She's truly a hoot. You'll become addicted to this chick and her blog regularly gets hundreds of comments on each post. And do NOT let the photos of Mickey Rourke (whoever he is) scare you away. You'll probably be on this chick's blog for hours reading.

I am following Kristina's advice to celebrate your love for America and Freedom by fulfilling people's insatiable need for greed and covetousness by participating in Kristina's Giveaway on her blog, which you will LOVE! Hers is the only, and I mean ONLY, blog I have ever found where I went back to her very first post and read all the way through. (Yes, she got better at it. Wink. ) Though Mormon like me, she loves Britney, Mario, Th' Hoff, Las Vegas casinos, Cowbell, a certain office mate—who shall remain nameless (but he knows who he is and his name starts with a Cha....)—and just about any completely weird person (Snuggies are a favorite love of hers even if they aren't a PERSON). I do believe she's seeing a counselor for these addictions, however, so give her a break. I truly do love this chick and her warped sense of humor, which by no means is indicative of all us Mormons—only a few of us. (I've also had serious doubts about her actually BEING a Mormon since she hasn't given birth every 3 minutes like most of us (THEM and not ME!) and regularly states how she despises babies and has an unhealthy fear of all things in diapers and that upchuck and/or smell like baby puke.) In her spare time she knits feminine products for the disadvantaged ladies of the evening and hosts dubious seminars around Utah and lunches with moms who inflict their little munchkins upon her and scare the heck out of her with them. I can tell this by the look of fear on her face when this happens. Go figure!

My giveaway will be six (6) of these coffee filter roses with rose fragrance. I promised Kristina I wouldn't do the Mario Lopez scent of his armpits, just heirloom roses. So just leave a comment on this blog right here. Now, what could be easier, chicks? I also promised Kristina that none of this would ever be known by her Bishop . . . unless, of course, I run short of money at the end of the month and need to increase my bank account. Then all bets are OFF the table, sugar!

And look like this when clustered in groups of six. Uhhhhh, in white of course. ;-)