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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I loved Ireland when we visited in the 1980s. And they love Americans. I think it is because most Americans have Irish relatives still in Ireland. But three things, actually four, stick in my mine about Ireland. And yes, it is green everywhere - a bright emerald green and all year long too.

One is that every time you buy something or give them money to pay for it, they say "that's lovely." They all say it! Just their way of saying thank you.

The 2nd thing is the Cliffs of Mohr. They are so high from the ocean when you are standing on them that you look down on the birds circling around. But they are magnificent.

The 3rd thing is their small towns. They have more small towns than large towns in Ireland and they are quaint. Just like being in an old "English" movie. And everyone shines their windows even in the rain. Plus we saw more lace in the windows than any place I've ever been! Beautiful bright, clean, crisp windows with Irish lace in them. They have shabby chic in all their homes but just don't know it!! Wonderful to be in an old Irish home and partake of their hospitality. And I can't remember any town we passed through that didn't have a castle. Castles are everywhere there.

The other thing is they burn "peat" for fuel. The pix above shows men harvesting it for their daily supply. It looks and feels like earth because it is "earth" but it burns in their little fireplaces and stoves. I found that just amazing! It's usually a little bigger than a red brick but it smells so earthy when burning it. I loved that. And they seem to have an never ending supply!