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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Seven Things About Me!

Isn't this little message board cute? I just listed it on my ebay and it comes with ephemera! A good deal for someone.

I've been tagged by Celeste to tell you some deep dark secrets!! Hah. No, I'm just to tell you 7 things that no one knows about me. Hmmmm..... there are a lot of things that I could tell you.

1. I have lived in many states: Texas, Virginia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Arizona, Utah (for a short time while Jack was in the USMC and overseas), Idaho and California.

2. I can memorize phone numbers easily and license plates. I know most of my friends by their license plates when I see them on the freeway instead of looking for them in the cars.

3. My very favorite sandwich is chicken salad. I make a good one too!!

4. My grandmother was a babysitter for the old actress Joanne Dru.

5. I am not an especially sentimental person; I forget birthdays of hubby, kids and grandkids on a regular basis, forgot my anniversary a couple of times and my son is exactly the same way.

6. I almost died in childbirth and had a "near death experience" that was an eye opener for me.

7. I hate driving on mountain roads. I usually put my seat back down and not watch.

Now I'll think about who I'm going to tag and let ya know later. Gotta run for now.