My life is to make everything around me beautiful.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Romantic Cottage Vignettes!

I've talked many times about vignettes, but they can be just about anything you want them to be. I'll explain about them below each picture.

Above are some of the aprons I've made. I use them as eye candy around my kitchen. Most of the aprons above have been sold on ebay but I plan on making more from the gorgeous fabrics I have on hand. Besides I use them! Try this in your own kitchen, dining area or even a boring hallway.

This is one corner of our family room, which is small by many standards but there is only me and hubby so it suffices. I probably break all the rules when it comes to pictures. Most decorators say to group them together according to subject, artist, colors, frames, etc. I say to heck with that! If I love to look at it then it goes where I want it to go. Of course, I want them pleasing to my eye, but I want to see all I can see when sitting in my favorite chair. I know I'm quirky but hey, that's just me! Here we can see things I've made, gifts of painting that have been given to me, favorite books and boxes I use for storing LOTS of things.

Same thing on the other corner of this room. More books, gifts from friends and souvenirs of our travels.

This little table "hides" in plain sight my brushes I use to paint. I do NOT have room for everything to be hidden in this house so I've used space creatively by sticking things in cups, pots or beautiful containers to make a home romantic, which is the style I love. Throwing in a little life-like fern to add a garden like feel to that tiny area.

Go ahead and experiment with your own things and style.