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Friday, July 31, 2009

Love Bunny's Minty Green Office

We are finally done with every single room in this house being repainted!!! Squeeeeeal....... Okay, so it wasn't as bad an ordeal as I had anticipated but I'm so glad it's over. No more disruption. No more having painter being around all day. No more having to be careful when going to the bathroom. No more........well, you get the idea. I'm so thrilled.

The contrast between the beige and the new color as he did the cutting in.

It almost looks like an iridescent blue but the true color shows below. Just showing you the contrast here.

This is the finished room.

Time to start putting the new desk, credenza and printer table in. Hubs is soooo excited.

A good photo of the true color. I'm not sure what accent color I want now. Hubs asked me to not put pink in there. What color do you think for curtains? I've decided to not put the black and white toile or checks in there. I think maybe I'll head to WM and see what is available.

Some of this is going to be given away or sold. There is no room for it in there and it is NOT staying in my office/computer room! Truthfully, I can't even give away some of my stuff. I've tried! We have a desk with a separate bookcase top and a printer table that is in excellent condition and have asked a couple of people if they wanted it and they answered "no"! Go figure. So I listed it on Craigslist and had a call immediately for the desk, the top and the computer table. He came and looked and his wife loved it but left without purchasing it. I couldn't figure that one out. If you saw my home and furnishings you KNOW I take excellent care of everything. Just stymied me. So the desk, top bookcase and computer stand are sitting on my front porch

Random Thought:

It's rare than hubs will wipe up bread crumbs on the counter top after making a sandwich. (He just doesn't think about it.) So if I didn't do it then after about a year I'd have enough bread crumbs to stuff a turkey........uhhhh, not HIM, an actual turkey!