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Monday, March 25, 2013

What? No Television?

I plan these posts ahead and schedule them ahead. I inadvertently scheduled two for 3/22/2013. You may have missed the second one that came up that day so check back if you weren't viewing two of them for that day. I knew I had scheduled two and meant to reschedule one of them but forgot. I don't like doing that and shall take special care in the future to not let that happen again. The correct one was A Trip to the Supermarkets and the one I meant to change was Trip to Washington. I'd sure hate for you to miss a single post of mine with all the glorious photos I post! ;-) I really blog for the photos as I'm an "eye candy" person.

Hubs was driving a friend with him to a meeting several days ago and the man starting talking about television shows. Hubs said he hadn't seen one particular show the man mentioned. Then the man asked if he watched the football game. Hubs said he hadn't because we don't have a television. The man turned and looked at him and asked, "Then how do you watch football?" Hubs said, "I don't; we don't have a television." The man was stymied and just kept repeating, "How do you do it?" What is so hard to understand that some of us don't have television and prefer it that way? I know it's not for everyone, but it is for us. We live in a very quiet world. We prefer it that way. I rarely, rarely even have the radio on. But what's so important that we'd need a television? We get news on the internet and can filter what we want to read. And if there's any big catastrophe I'm sure friends would let us know. You might give it a try, maybe for a week and see how different it is in the house, especially with kids. It is much calmer and you do things together as a family if you have kids at home. For us empty nesters, it's also time to be with each other without interruptions. If anyone does this, let me know how it worked for you, please. I'd love to know.

Gorgeous, gorgeous pillows!

Just sweet bits of fluff for a vignette.

Another cute storage shed made into a respite cottage.

I wish I could do something similar to my back yard but it just wouldn't work I think.

I absolutely looooove white houses with black trim. I hope to paint mine that way when it needs painting.

This little settee would look perfect in my home. ;-)

Cute and inexpensive way to display flowers with a lot of pizzazz.

Looks how rustic this house is but it's decorated fancy. Gorgeous!

A truck bed full of flowers.

A beautiful art deco door done in pink. Lovely.

Just more roses. :-)

Another little pink shed to dream about.

I love these clothespins. I have some decorated ones but think I'll paper them and put some little roses on them like these.

What a beautiful pin cushion.

A perfect girly room!

Our state is #1!
Starting with Alabama and all the A states, I'm going to list what each state is #1 in.

Alabama is first in:
Lowest taxes on goods
Adult-onset diabetes

Teen death

Copper production

Best trained math teachers
E. coli infections spread by petting zoos