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Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Teensy Tiny Chandelier!!

I bought something on line the other day from Bertie and when the package arrived this little tiny chandelier was in it!! I was absolutely in shock! Just ask Jack. I tried to purchase one from a lady on etsy and she had sold out. I lamented to my PRH sisters about it never ever thinking someone on there made these little "glittering jewels"! But when my package arrived there was this inside along with some beautiful ephemera and scrapping things. She is just the sweetest thang eveeeerrr!!! I love ya, chickadee.......... :-)

I made you smile?!?!?!

I made someone smile!! How sweet is that? I received this award from Bertie and what a sweetheart she is. I cannot believe all this woman accomplishes in a week. It would put me in bed for a month! She is a crafter/sewer/designer extraordinaire! We love her as another PRH sister and you won't want to miss seeing her "cottage", which displays her "decoratingness"!! She's fantastic!

"Loving Touch Suite" by Susan Rios

This is another lithograph of Susan's work that I have. It's a pencil, pen and ink drawing. This woman is just so multi-talented! But I wanted to share some of her creations with you. I'll be putting more on in the future to show you some more of her work from a book I have of her. But isn't this just so feminine and pretty. I can just imagine my home with little vignette like this one. Wait...........I do have little vignettes like this or similar around my home! Hat boxes, books, ROSES, vases, little pictures and ribbons. I have a box of the most exquisite ribbons I bought from Alexandra Stoddard about 20 years ago now. I just keep them around to run my fingers through them and for more "eye candy."