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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life is a Series of Photoshoots or Why Are You Taking Pictures of My Refrigerator?

on yellow watermelon!!! It tasted yellow not pink! Hah. Actually tasted just like a pink/red watermelon if you can get past the yellow look!

Jack is always wondering why I'm taking pictures of his shop, ties, chili supper, spaghettti, lettuce and the refrigerator. I don't know other than I need material for blog posts. I take a look at everything that has the potential for a good blog story.

Well, today we went to WM and he got a watermelon. It was kinda funny looking. Green stripes were all over it. He said it was fine. Well, I just cut it and it's "yellow" not the red watermelons I'm used to. I've never had a yellow watermelon. Hope it tastes good!!

Then I tried getting it in the fridge. Not much room in there when we've got 15 bottles of salad dressing in there for our dieting. But it is clean and tidy. Lots of food.

Some Exciting News, Sweet Chickadees!

My sweet dear friend Stephanie of Angelic Accents and I have had our heads together (yeah, yeah, dangerous I know!) and talking about hosting something and have come up with a wonderful idea. She and I have just opened up new blogs with the purpose of selling only of our Flea Market Friday items. So to help us celebrate our grand openings and to help you become acquainted with our goodies we are offering, we've decided that both of us do a BLOG GIVEAWAY! And, my sweet chickadees, when we give something away, it is a treat. :-) Connie - ME! - is giving this away.

So here is what you have to do:

Contest GIVEAWAY runs from Friday, June 13th to Friday, June 20th at midnight. Just visit Connie's new blog here and Stephanie's new blog here and leave us a comment and your name will be thrown in the hat for a drawing.

Purchase an item and you name will thrown in the hat TWICE!

How cool is that?!?! Two separate GIVEAWAYS! Two wonderful gifts! Two new blogs!

AND while you are blogging tomorrow, be sure and check out all our other friends who are selling items on Flea Market Friday. There truly are some great buys out there.