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Monday, November 9, 2009

Show Your Cottage Monday 11/9/09

Please visit Cielo's SOYCM for all the participants in this lovely event. I think you'll enjoy it.

First, a few words about showing off my "cottage."

I don't have an elegant home. It's a humble adobe for me and Love Bunny in our later years. Not much upkeep, not very big to clean and not much yard work to tax us in the summer. So what I show you is quite simply a space to be lived in and, of course, for me to use as a palette to decorate. Not for any kind of show. Not to brag about. Not to be puffed up about.
Not "showy" in the sense of ever being featured in magazines. Not at all. Simply a well loved and lived in home. Now, on with it...

The pillows I take off my bed each night and put back on in the morning when I make my bed. I love pillows on my bed. Actually, I love pillows all around my house and there are many!

The computer room/office is where most of my time is spent on any given day. You'll notice I made a pink cover for the stand. Also, my handy back scratcher is always there. I have 5 spread around the house.

For 2 years I've been wanting to do a pumpkin for our porch that wasn't orange. I bought one after halloween 2 years ago and just this past halloween got around to painting it! I'm not into halloween or the colors at all so I did my own variation on it. I set this out and will probably keep it on the porch for the fall and winter. I'll think on what to do for the spring and summer the beginning of the new year. Can you believe we are almost into 2010?!?! Where did the time go?

Anyway, I think the moms and dads liked the pumpkin much more than the little munchkins!! LOL Just my style: roses, pink ribbons and fabric print a friend gave me. :-)

Random Thought:

And this is scary, chicks. Do you realize that most of the young women today cannot "rat" or "tease" their hair? If you're under 45, you probably don't know how.

Recently in the beauty shop while getting my hair cut, the hairdresser next to us was showing a 20something how to do it, and I almost dropped my jaw when I realized they don't know how. But I can "rat" and "tease" with the best of them! Oooooooh my.......

I'm grateful for friends who love me enough to help me by sweetly and kindly showing me the areas I need to work on in my life to keep me on the straight and narrow path to perfection. I know most of my imperfections but sometimes I need a nudge for those I've missed.