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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unveiling the Living Room Now

Now, you know I can't stop once I'm on a roll, right? Okay then, once I put the covers on I noticed that there was a bit too much white in the room in that area. I love white and love those curtains, but it needed some color behind that sofa. I then put up the curtains I talked about here. I like it much better and will even more once I can get that Solartube in the ceiling. (I'm saving for it!) But before I show you the big photos of the sofa I thought I'd show you the fabric, texture and makeup of the slipcover up close.

So here is the room now. The curtains have a color in them that makes the red Thomasville chair go with it even if the photo looks odd. Colors aren't exactly true on monitors as much as in person.

And I also put this pillow that I bought at Ethan Allen 15 years ago back on the sofa. I like a mixture of pillows on my sofa and don't think it's too formal to put on there. Even if it is formal, I like it and that's what matters. :-)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lorena's thumbtacks

My birthday was recently and a sweet friend gifted me with these adorable handmade roses thumbtacks and magnet for my fridge. I absolutely love receiving things like this in the mail. It just makes my heart sing, lifts me up and gives me joy to know someone is thinking of me. Are they not gorgeous?!

Then of course I had to show you where my little ribbon tree is in my house. That's not to say it'll stay there forever, but for now, this is where I'll display it. And yep, I put it inside a little box that has a faux fern in it. I just like doing things differently and that give me eye candy for my soul. :-)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Napkin Rings for Pink Saturday 9/25/2010

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I've collected napkin rings for 25 years at least. I simply like the look of them all gathered in a bowl for visual effect or as I like to call it eye candy since I'm a very visual person anyway. So after hunting in the garage attic for our garage sale in mid June Love Bunny found them and brought them down to sell. I held them back to perhaps put them on eBay or my selling blog La Maison Rose. I truly cannot abide Mr. LB selling them for 50¢ for dozens of them like he did my other thing—pillows and shabby chic storage boxes. Does this mean I have "separation" issues?!

I have rabbits, teddy bears, roses, Christmas, fabric ones, rooster, some purchased in Ireland, simple wooden ones, silver, masks, a few plain ones, some seashell ones and many that just touched my heart at that particular time.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Showcasing the New Slipcovers and a Peeve

I finally received my new slipcovers! Now remember, these were made for another Ethan Allen sofa with the same style as my 15 year-old sofa I bought from them that they don't make any more. They just happened to have the same sort of style with an inch or two difference. This was the post where I first introduced the difference in styles. It fits almost perfectly but remember it was only $400.00 and it was custom made for the other sofa that was just a tad shorter. I'm well pleased with it. I can wash it but I don't think I'll ever have to wash the main section, just wash the cushions if they get dirty from visiting kids and grandkids.

Here I'm just starting to put them on.

I realized after taking this photo that I had knocked the ribbon tree over.

Here I uprighted the ribbon tree but the photo lighting is not as good or accurate as the above photo.

While I'm sitting here blogging I want to add one more thing to this post. Another lovely blogger put her thoughts on her blog and gave me permission to quote her. They also struck a chord with me so here they are:
I've spoken about there being room for all types of bloggers out there. But I have one more thing to say about blogging that has to do with basic good manners. House/cottage, nesting, crafting, creative blogs are, by their nature, more cozy and welcoming than are political blogs, for example. I spoke of those bloggers who get hundreds of comments and never return the favor. I realize that keeping up with hundreds of comments on each post is impossible. We're all busy and sometimes it takes a while before we can return the visit. But when several comments are made over a long period of time and no effort is made to respond, whether by email or a visit to the commenter's blog, well, that sticks in my craw. It's rude and there is no room for that. I know it has happened to all of you. It certainly has happened to me. Those are the blogs I stop visiting.

So here's my suggestion: If your blog has become so impossibly big that you can no longer take the time to communicate with your readers who are, after all, the reason you have become so popular, then perhaps you should stop blogging. Because you've already lost the heart and soul of what made your blog so attractive to begin with.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. When I see so many ads, the heart and soul isn't there anymore.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Eye candy while I ramble.

Have you ever heard of a valtrompia tube? This is one. It's a tube you bake fancy bread in. I'm going to make the Hawaiian Tea Bread with coconut and pineapple. Or I may try the Cream Cheese Pound Cake. Yuuuuummmmm. I'll let you know how good it is. ;-)

On our recent trip to visit our granddaughter and our new great granddaughter we went to the Microsoft store. Since my granddaughter and her hubby work there, they have a fun thing where you can get a badge made for the kids. We did this last thursday and got Miss C's ID badge. The man doing it was Spanish-speaking and we had to tell him about 4 times how to spell Miss C's last name which is Hispanic. We even went around the counter to check on the name and he still had it misspelled! I told him how to spell it—very slowly—and he changed it again. When we went back on friday it was still misspelled! We both were thinking of simply grabbing the mouse and taking over from there!!! How can you misspell a name that is so easy to spell??

Anyway, this is how it turned out. She was a little doll doing this whole procedure. He gave us 2 so I get to carry her around on my key chain all the time now.


I like to think I am the operator of the loom that weaves my future but the only foot on that treadle is the foot of fate.

I've found that the absence of fear doesn't make you brave; it's what you do in spite of being afraid. Thank you to our military, EMTs and firemen for keeping us safe while fighting the fear.

I recently went with hubby somewhere that I'd never been before. I left him and was supposed to come back and get him. I got lost on the way back home and had to call him on his cell. He asked how in the world could I get lost when there were only 2 roads to take to get back home. I told him I could get lost on a Go-Cart track! I truly get lost a lot but I eventually find my way home.

The closest some people will ever come to a brainstorm is a light drizzle. Please don't take that as a criticism of the person in the above paragraph! I'm truly very intelligent, just challenged by directions. :-)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update on Blogging

For a bit of eye candy before I begin. Look what Miss C just found—her thumb!

While here at our granddaughter's house visiting again with this precious great granddaughter, Kathleen Grace at Kathy's Cottage wrote a post about blogging and scheduling time for the other things in life, which brought up something I've been going to post about for a while but just couldn't find words to express it. I'll explain. And this is not meant to be a nasty or mean post. I wrote it with a soft voice.

I'm a stay-at-home wife, mom, grandma and great grandma and love doing it since retiring from being the highest paid woman in one of the very top Fortune 500 companies. I loved working. BUT keeping house and home for my hubby is my priority now and just because we're retired doesn't mean we have any more time than most other people. (We all find the time when we want to.) I love this even more than that job and, trust me, I loved it immensely. I have a great respect for women who stay at home with their children. It's sometimes a thankless job from other working women and the media, but it is the most important thing you can do. There is no success that can compensate for failure in the home. Just look around you.

I love blogging and don't ever see myself stopping it, although lately I had touched upon the thought, and it definitely gave me pause. I've always said I love blogging for the creativeness of putting my thoughts together to write a post, hone my photography skills, keeping in touch with friends and helping to bring a chuckle or two to some bloggers.

But we stay-at-home women still need stimulation, especially after all the kids are gone. Blogging is one of those things that I find stimulating for me. But, as I said, a few things happened that brought the thought of stopping flitting through my mind recently.

One reason was I fell and my legs and back still aren't the same. It absolutely still hurts to sit for any length of time. Plus before that I was having trouble with my arms, more specifically my wrists and elbows. My doctor and I attribute that to sitting at a computer for long stretches at a time. Like Kathy, I had to limit my time on my computer and that meant not as much commenting. I peruse almost 300 blogs on a regular basis. I couldn't possibly comment on each one. I try to hit several a day. But I love comments also and I saw the comments were going down. I wondered why. I don't think I said anything to distress or offend anyone. I try to keep them interesting, although, I'm not one to believe that my blog is the "be all/end all" for everyone. It isn't and never will be. Maybe it was because I wasn't commenting on some blogs that definitely don't return comments unless I comment on theirs. And yes, I've commented on some that do not take the time to comment—at least on mine—or even answer a question I've put to them. I believe that is just rude to not even answer a question and it has happened several times. If I can find time to visit your blog and ask a question then you should respond. I don't have any more time than you do, chicks. I try to answer questions but sometimes there is no return email address and if I go to their blog, there is no way to email them. Hence, I have no way to contact them to answer a question that is sometimes a bit private. I won't comment on a blog if the question isn't for all to see. And yes, I've probably missed a few.

I see some of the blogs that have hundreds and even thousands of followers. I've commented and even asked questions of them with absolutely no response and never having them comment on mine. I love perusing them though and shall probably continue to do so. I have one blogger who regularly receives upwards of 200 to 250 comments on each and every blog post but this sweet woman comments on my blog on a regular basis. She is either a wonder or sadistic trying to comment on all her commenters! I cannot believe she responds to each and every comment on her blog. She is a sweetheart and the funniest blogger I've ever read.

But bottom line: My blog is for me. If it delights someone and they wish to comment, I'm humbled and thrilled. I truly am. I'm not so haughty or too big for my britches that I don't get around and comment. But with my leg and arms still recuperating I simply cannot comment on each blog I follow. I love each and every single comment I get and if you comment on here, sometimes you need to awaken me and tell me to get over to your blog and comment. That truly does help me. Plus sometimes I inadvertently will not have you as a favorite on Google Reader or as a follower of your blog. Jostle my memory and I'll be over. After all, it's what keeps me going also. And if I ever quit blogging, it isn't because of anyone but me. No one has that kind of power over me but myself. I love blogging!! It's just that simple.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I made these a couple of months ago because I made a set of them and gave them away sometime last year. I loved the fabrics so much I made another set—this one, but I'm keeping them. I just hadn't decided where I was going to put them eventually so they stayed in my office until now.

This is the entry into our family room. People are usually stunned when they come in this froufrou house since the decor around Idaho tends more to western decor. But we're seeing more differences in decorating more and more. As everyone knows I lean toward the romantic shabby chic style.

Still out of town visiting with granddaughter and new baby.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Toilet Talk for Pink Saturday 9/18/2010

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I'm visiting with our new great granddaughter out of town so this is a quick post. There is nothing pink, except for my great granddaughter, in this house and I think you're tired of seeing her about now so I'm winging it here.

Can we talk, chicks? Yeah, I'm serious here! We've had "issues" with toilets around this house for a long time.

I want a new toilet. Now, I know that isn't on the list of high priorities for most of you but it is for me. I want one of those new toilets with Class 6 flushing technology, Ever-clean technology because I don't want to clean it hardly ever, and one that will flush 10 golf balls at one time. Now, Love Bunny asks if I'm going to actually flush 10 golf balls down one, but I want one that COULD do it if it is required of it. I'm downright tired of plunging our toilets. I want it to flush anything I want to flush down it. (I doubt that I'll ever use golf balls but one never knows, does one?!) Cleaning? Look, girls, we all know how much we love to clean toilets, right? Right up there with giving ourselves eye surgery without anesthetics. This new ion-coated toilet technology guarantees much less cleaning. Some even have "under rim cleaning technology." I want it with round seat, white—I've had colored toilets before and decided I'd just buy white from now on—and the other things I've mentioned above.

But I did have to show you this toilet. WOW!!! I never thought I'd see a pink fuchsia sequined toilet in my life. Puhleeeeze!! Little too glitzy for me.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Boise Old Home Part #2

Continuing the tour...

This little house is only 900 sq. ft. and adorable. When you see it in person it is almost like a fairy tale cottage. Just so cute you think if you close your eyes and puff at it, it will disappear.

This is a most unusual garden we passed.

It even had a stream (man-made I'm sure) running through the yard.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this old garage. Remember when they didn't have remote controls on them? We had to get out of the car and open the doors to drive in.

It it's pink I love it, right? Yep! And that unique gate and entry is most unusual.

Is it calling your name?

This looks like a blend of two old styles, the names of which I cannot recall.

Definitely needs some tender loving care. I think someone is fixing it up, whether to sell or live in I don't know.

And just plunk this one down in middle America. Looks like a typical farmhouse I think.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Vignette for Coffee Table

Remember those bottles I showed you a couple of weeks ago that I was going to decorate? No! Well, take a look at how they look now.

This bottle was an old cologne of hubby's that I just couldn't throw away because it smelled so good. I decoupaged it with some roses, added paper roses to the bottom and top, some rhinestones to the decoupage and a red rhinestone button.

I love this old perfume bottle someone gave me years ago so I added paper roses, a rolled polka dot fabric rose, a vintage button, ribbon and some tiny baby rick rack.

Voila, I have a new vignette for the living room coffee table after bringing in other bottles I've made. There is one in the middle that I won on a giveaway though that is truly beautiful.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Ponds

Just sitting around on a sunday evening eating these and tellin' y'all stories:

I faced it a long time ago: my hubby is a party animal. I'm a wallflower. Believe it or not, this is true. I am just so happy being home. But since he belongs to just about every organization he can, he has to drag me to dinners, picnics and every such thing he can. I guess he likes me going but I'm such a bore I can't figure out why. I do it to support him because he supports me in pretty much anything I do. He's a very tolerant and patient man. Me? Not so much. Sigh. So we went out there and after I ate and socialized for a while, I came on home and let hubby and the old Marines reminisce about the "Good Ol' Days" and then came back about 3 hours later to pick him up. So come with me on a picnic recently and the story of it.

First of all, the event was a Marine Corps League picnic, which in our area is a small detachment. It was held at the home of one of the members. He just happened to have to go to California, but he opened his property to the other men and women who belong to the organization. There were only about 12 of the members this day. He annually holds a couple of fish fries for the Veterans Home in Boise. A van brings them out and they can fish if they want, and this man helps them clean their fish and has a fish fry for them. A small thing to do for these men who rarely get out, but a very significant thing for them. Now these men are old veterans and very feeble. Some are in wheelchairs and on walkers, but they are treated as the heroes they are while out there. I don't know this man personally but he must be one heck of a man to do this while he is in such pain with his back from injuries.

His property has 2 ponds on it. The first one belongs to the Bass Association and the Fish and Game and they stock it. The man can fish and boat in it but he doesn't own it even if it is partly on his property. This is the first pond as I was driving down his lane to the picnic area. I shot the photo from my car as I was coming to pick up LB.

The lane to his house is well off the main 2 lane road taken to get there. It is mostly dirt and gravel on the lane until just before his property begins. Right at the first pond it is asphalted with an allèe and lots of rocks along the border of the lane.

The house is large and lovely but the setting is what grabs your attention.

The house would be in the right lower corner of this picture. You can just see the little white bridge on the left over to the island.

This is a picnic area he has made for anyone who wants to come out and fish in the pond. It's privately owned so we could fish without a license and catch as many as you want. He just asks us to release the crappie and blue gill back into the pond. Can you image owning a pond like this? It was beautiful out there.

There's th' Love Bunny commanding th' grill. The grill and all tables and chairs are there for any of us to enjoy. Funny thing though, the grill wasn't working that day. They tried and tried to get it lit but it just wasn't cooperating. The owner had liquor in one of 2 tin buckets—for lack of a better word for a thing that was about 40" square—just to the left and behind LB and even stocked it for all of us, but LB and I don't drink. He even thought to put ice in it for any perishables we happened to bring.

The pit. When we arrived there were 2 women and a man already there. He had built a fire in the pit with enough wood that it had to have been almost a full tree. The flames were almost touching the tops of the trees beside it. If I stood in that pit, it would have been up to at least my stomach. It was HOT around that pit!

At this point I was the youngest woman there by about 25 years, but those 2 women were just as alert as any one of us. One was a woman Marine, but the other one was her friend. I believe they came together to hold each other up! They were cute!

That metal box is an oven. I could have fit in there, it's that big. When we realized the grill wasn't going to work we used the top of the oven to cook some things in a pot and trust me, they cooked in record time. Our hamburgers and the ladies steaks we cooked on that flat iron piece stretching across the pit. They also cooked quickly as that was very, very hot.

This is the pond near the fire pit where some of the people were fishing. They assured me I didn't want to go onto that pontoon bridge and I believed them. The guys said most people end up in the water when navigating that bridge. It has to be pulled into place and you'd better have on your swimming suit when you help with the pulling. Best to walk around to the white bridge near the house to get to the island. I did NOT argue with their experience!

The owner even had one of those floating rafts you see so much in lakes for people to swim out to and rest before returning to shore. He must have grandkids who come and swim in the pond.

Straight across from the fire pit is this view.

The owner built this picnic area for use by his friends and acquaintances. It had 4 or 5 picnic tables in it with a couple of dozen chairs for guests to relax in.

The wife of one of the Marines attending is fishing and LB resting peacefully from his cooking endeavors. He loves to cook but I pretty much only let him BBQ outdoors.

The owner's private swing. It was a delightful day, and the area is a beautiful place to spend a bit of an afternoon.