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Monday, July 26, 2010

Garage Sale-ing!

I just want to take a minute to tell those of you who use Cutest Blog on the Block for your templates that this is the way your blog is showing to me. A photobucket deleted photo right smack in the middle of the blog. I was visiting a blogger I've never been to before and noticed this was happening. I believe this is because her template is the Minima stretch but using the Cutest Blog on the Block is doing this. Just be careful. I've come across this once before in the past day or so. I don't want to embarrass her, surely since I'm viewing her blog for the first time. Just be careful what you do!

You know it's truly pathetic when you go garage sale-ing in your own stuff when you're having a garage sale yourself. I cannot believe the stuff I have and the stuff I'd forgotten that I have! Yesssssss, this is true. And we've only put a dent in the garage attic.

The neighborhood garage sale was on a friday and saturday. The first day of a garage sale is usually the best, so we could have just closed it down at about noon on saturday because there weren't many people after that and very few before that.

As Love Bunny was getting the stuff out of the garage attic—where it was at least 120°—he told me, as I was looking longingly at some melmac plates, that I could keep anything I wanted. I didn't have to get rid of the 30+ plates I had out there. But I told him no. I was determined to bite the bullet and go through with it. Sigh...

Okay, we know what happened, don't we? Yep, I couldn't help myself. I grabbed a few pink and aqua plastic plates because I've gone "retro" lately. I mean I'm doing the melmac and plastic thing. China is put away for another time.

Then he opened up the box with the candle holders and napkin rings and that's when I lost it!

My mom gave me these and while I'm not that sentimental, I love the look of them.

These sterling silver candlesticks were a wedding gift. I can't remember who, but no matter. I'm keeping them. The other ones are cute so I've decided to keep them also. Maybe another time I can get rid of them.

I sat and polished them on saturday night and watched as their brilliance started showing through as I took the silver polish on gauze to them. Hubs ran out to the garage and got me a toothbrush he uses for tiny work and brought it in for me to polish the intricate parts. Beautiful. I just couldn't let anyone else have them.

This terrycloth tablecloth with roses tugged at my heart. I thought hmmmmm, that wouldn't take up much space in a drawer and it is beautiful.

LB told me I didn't have to sell these plates either since I'd probably never find melmac like them ever again. Off the table and into the house went about half of them. Just keeping a few to use and for the eye candy they provide.

A beautiful rose bowl, maybe a punch bowl but since we have a crystal one bought 40 years ago I thought I'd get rid of this one. Nope! We decided to sell the crystal punch bowl with 12 cups and a ladle and keep this one for "just fun and memories." I think a young man gave it to us after we were baptized. Can't remember.

Now really, how could I part with something so beautiful. It truly is lovely and the memory is so sweet I'd rather get rid of the other one than this one.

And this sweet little dish that hubby bought at a beloved neighbor's estate sale because he thought I'd love it and like its style. I don't particularly like it, but it continues to grow on me.

Love Bunny assures me there are at least 35-40 rugs up there that have to go. We'll see. ;-)