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Monday, April 15, 2013

Speaking with Confidence and Authority

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I have had a few friends through the years who were rather wimpy, especially in their voice, speech and conversations. I think it's insecurity from childhood and the teenage years mostly. Young people for the most part aren't sure of themselves yet. Shy maybe. I know I was that way.

In the early 60s, I had a friend who told me her mother thought I didn't have a personality. What?! I had a personality, probably one she didn't like maybe but I had a definite personality, shy a bit but always laughing and humorous. I think later on this friend had psychiatric problems. She was the daughter of a preacher and a kind of domineering mother. I found her on a website of our old school but she seemed distant. We were very good friends and I'm thinking her adult life didn't turn out as well as mine has. Patti didn't seem wimpy when I knew her in the 60s but in the 90s when we communicated a few times via the internet there was just something there that wasn't right. I really don't know what her problems were so we didn't get together as she seemed to hesitate on that issue.

I've always been a person from my late teens/early 20s who was confident and spoke with confidence and later authority also, especially in my job. There's no sense in being wishy/washy or mealy-mouthed about things. I'm not an insipid person. I speak well and try to articulate what I'm saying but I've always spoken with confidence and not afraid to say something. Well, hurting someone is not something I'd do. I hold to good values. But I think when we speak with authority it empowers us to do things that are important. I know it does me. People listen to me AND I listen to friends for advice. I've always been told I'm a Leader. I don't want to be a leader. I want to stay home with my hubby and visit kids and grandkids when I want to. I'm tired of leading. I want to just be a grammy and mom now. I'm too tired to lead! (This conversation came up today with a friend of 13 years and she knows me well.)

I think we should try and get these young people speaking properly and help them with confidence and authority. After all, they'll be our future leaders and the way some of them are right now is a bit unnerving to me. Stand up! Be proud! Speak with authority and confidence. Make this world a better place than it is now.

This is my absolutely favorite couture gown from all I've seen lately.

Pretty vintage tablecloth setting for a dinner in the yard.

And a gorgeous pink and gold and blue table setting.

Lovely lavender bedroom.

A secret pathway? Hmmmm?

My kind of roses for a table.

This has to be a Christie Repasy chair. It's so gorgeous. I'd love to have it.

I really do like these tiny ruffled bags.

A very unusual living room wall. I'm not sure I'd like all those vines running up my wall but it makes for a stunning picture.

Just a simple decoration for a picnic with cards hung on wires.

Too pretty to eat!

Beautiful chandelier with roses, crystals and butterflies.

Just like this fabric—stripes in pinks.

Kind of a retro feel for this kitchen making it quite adorable.

A lovely home with an abundance of flowers along the lane.

The right lung in humans is slightly larger than the left. The total surface area of a pair of human lungs is equal to that of a tennis court.