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Friday, July 17, 2009

Foofing Up the Curtains......Again

If you knew how many curtains and bed coverings I had in this house you would NOT believe me. Just let me say there are many different ones. I've tried to cut down by joining "Foofy Curtain Anonymous" but even they have given up on me and thrown me out. Love Bunny was very sad at this, hoping that they could cure me. *Sigh*......... However, it makes me happy. If it makes me happy and doesn't hurt anyone then why in the world would I WANT to fix it? Hmmmm????

Okay, okay, with that being said, let me show you what the living room looked like a few days ago and what it looks like now.

I bought these dark red panels in January at Home Fabrics in Boise at a great price and hung them up. They seemed a bit dark and I thought I'd get used to them and truly do love the color, but I'm striving for more light in this north facing dark living room. I didn't get used to them!

Living room up until a few days ago.

Soooo while perusing through WM the other day I came upon these little pink and green jewels. One of my favorite color combinations. Now, how in the world could I have missed these panels as I'm a frequent WM shopper? So I bought these two pairs to see which one went better. I liked the plaid better. I love stripes and plaids and medium checks but plaids overrule the stripes and checks. Hence, I kept the 2 plaid panels, took back the 2 stipes and bought the very last 2 plaid panels. Whew, just in time!

Living room today. I do like the less formal lighter color and whimsey of a buffalo pink and green plaid. Much lighter for that room. I tied them with pink satin ribbon bows and put on pink paper roses to jazz them up a bit. Decorating is my most favorite thing to do........especially when Love Bunny says right in the middle of decorating that he wants to go camping the next day. *Sigh*....... He is still alive and kicking and I told him I needed one extra day. You DO NOT tell this chick the night before that you want us to go into the woods for a couple of days. I need at least 2 days notice to get used to the idea of communing with nature: bugs, skunks, bears, flies, other campers(?!), no showers and wood smoke!

Then there's the family room. It's striving for the shabby chic relaxed look with quilts thrown over chairs, a green stripe slipcover for the sofa and white lace sheers topped with ruffled white curtains. I also bought a white curtain rod and lowered it to show off our white woodwork. It's truly very pretty wood work and I don't want to put any holes in it so I lowered the new rod to either side of the window, which is south facing and gets a lot of light. I do love this look in here. It's very feminine, froufrou-y and light. There's only so much I can do to this north/south facing house for lightness, chicks. Maybe later we can get another solar tube in the living room but not at the moment. However, I do need to patch the wallpaper in here and the room will be painted pink next week. Squeeeeeeeeeal!! Can't wait to see this room in pink.

I composed this post and prescheduled it before the family room was painted pink so you'll understand what's going on since it is beige in these photos.

Random Thought:

Try to follow your heart in everything that is good and beautiful. You'll never be sorry.