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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Main Street in a Small Town

The last time my daughter came to visit we trekked main street in town. Although it's a town of about 80,000 it's considered a large small town. It's perfect for us anyway.

We went into a couple of shops—there aren't very many and only a few antique ones. When we asked this lady if we could photograph her store, she asked how much it would cost. We chuckled and said "nothing, it's free advertisement." She graciously consented. It's called "Aunt Hattie's Attic" and is just quaint. I plan on going back there today and perhaps making a purchase or two..........or three.......... *Wink*.........

I like this kitchen island but I'll have to measure and see if it will fit in our kitchen. I doubt it but one never knows, does one? Truthfully, I was so busy taking photos that day that I didn't even "spy" this island until I got home and was downloading the photos and editing them that I saw this island! Sometimes I can be very unobservant. DUH!

Plus I've been looking for a little side table for my comfy leather chair. There may be something here I could use.

I snapped these hats and didn't even "see" the vintage millinery on the pink one!! I can't believe I did that.

Just delightful stuff packed into a very small space.

A wedding gown, veil and a little child's stove.

I liked this wrought iron set but I have no clue what I'd do with it. My patio isn't big enough to put it on.

Since it was the holiday season she had a display of little cottages.

Lots of plates, but I truly prefer to get mine at yard sales—much cheaper!

This little wicker chest might just find its way to my home if the price is right. As I said, when I'm photographing that's all I do—photograph. I rarely see the items until I'm editing the photos.

I believe this is called blue transferware. I'm not even close to being knowledgeable on these kinds of things.

I'll take a closer look at this little table also. Hubs is gonna be surpriiiiiiiiseeeeeeed tonight, I think!!! Hah

Another distinct possibility. I can see this painted white, can't you?

Closer look at that wedding dress and veil. Bertieeeeeeeee........squeeeeeeeeeal!!!

I could get this for my great grandchild if my gorgeous granddaughter would get busy and give us one!!!!!!!

I see possibilities with this chair also. Painted white and reupholstered.

Just some other stops on Main street.

This kids pants were hanging below his b*tt! I swear I don't know how they can even keep them up. He gave us a dirty look but hey, ask me if I care.

This is where I buy books. I used them a lot until I found the book exchange bookstore. I get them so cheap there with an exchange it's hard NOT to use them. But this is my 2nd choice. I'm telling you they have hundreds of thousands of books in there. It's a delight to visit with them. It actually smells like an antique book store. It takes me "away" when I go through their doors—as if going through a time portal into another century. *Sigh*........ But books are very much a part of my life and I read voraciously.

An upscale men's store in town.

This is rather a unique place. In its former life it was a car dealership but some very creative people saw its potential and turned it into a coffee shop. I didn't go inside but it's only open part of the day for coffee, tea, drinks, pastries and sandwiches. The owners actually open the doors during warm weather. I'll try and get more pictures later to show you.

Just some more shops along Main street.

This place didn't have very much and was very overpriced in my opinion. We didn't stay long.

A view of Main street from one end. Mainstream America!

There are a couple of little cafes but we didn't eat at this one. We did, however, eat at one that gave us portions of food that none of us—except Love Bunny–could eat! Hubs finished everything on his plate. I've tried to cure him of this malady but after 48 years there's not much hope left. If I ate like that I'd weight 300 pounds!

This is our police department. I have a love and adoration for all men who want to protect us. I strive to obey traffic laws so as not to get a ticket as it might change my perception of them, but to me they are heroes. These young men and women put their lives on the line daily to protect us. I salute them, EMTs and armed forces. I just can't say enough. I thought they deserved to be honored in this post.

And here's Love Bunny and my son-in-law at the model railroad train club in the basement of that last antique store above. Good looking dudes, wouldn't ya say?! Hah...

He's here every wednesday night and a good part of the day on saturdays. It's his "down" time and I'd never begrudge him that. He needs and deserves it. Plus he ain't out smokin', drinkin' or carousing with wild cowgirls (or cowboys for that matter. Hey, ya never know anymore!).

Our post office—a little bit of Americana.

I just snapped pictures of a few houses on our drive back to the house. They all have a certain appeal to me. But this first one is truly gorgeous.